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Jul 21

Patton takes Sicily, World War II week by week

George S. Patton dominated headlines as well as Axis troops on Sicily in this edition from July 22, 1943.

Quoting from the Thursday July 22, 1943 Telegram-Tribune: “Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton’s Seventh Army raced virtually at will through the collapsed Axis defenses of central and western Sicily today, carrying the invasion campaign through what British military quarters called the mop-up stage in those regions.”

Jul 14

Sicily invaded, World War II week by week

July 1, 1943 Telegram-Tribune headlines include invasion of Sicily.

If anyone wondered where the Western Allies were moving next early July would provide answers. The Japanese forces were under attack at the Aleutian island of Kiska and the Southwest Pacific base of Munda, In Europe Sicily was under bombardment from sea and air as British and American forces prepared to invade. President Franklin Roosevelt …

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Jul 09

Kursk Tank Battle, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune July 9, 1943.

In local news, Marine pilot Lt. George Langston of Atascadero was credited with downing a Japanese bomber in fighting over Guadalcanal. Receipts at the San Luis Obispo Post Office broke an all time record since it became a first class post office in 1921. The January-June period exceeded even the busy holiday season with $54,742.55 …

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Jun 29

Race tensions and bar riot San Luis Obispo, World War II week by week

Race tensions may have led to a fight downtown in San Luis Obispo as reported in this June 25, 1943 Telegram-Tribune.

A San Luis Obispo bar, Dante’s, was the scene of a fight that spilled out into the street that involved up to 200 African-American soldiers. Eventually Sheriff Murray Hathway resorted to tear gas and extra military police were called out from Camp San Luis Obispo. Bar owner Dante Chiesa refused service to men he said …

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Jun 24

The filming of Boris Sagal’s “1,000 Plane Raid”

Stunt pilot flys a B-17 bomber at treetop level over a faux English airfield built in Santa Maria for the movie "1,000 Plane Raid". ©The Tribune/Jim Vestal

Tribune librarian Sharon Morem found a set of fascinating 35mm negatives in the bottom of a folder marked with an illegible scrawl. The first glassine sleeve appeared to read “’1,000 P+ei Raid’ Movie #1″ and the rest had less information, only numbered 2-4. The images showed impressive B-17 bomber stunt flying below the eucalyptus treetops …

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Jun 22

Camp San Luis soldiers volunteer, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune headlines from June 22, 1943.

A number of Camp San Luis Obispo soldiers volunteered to work in local hay fields. Farmers were short of labor between the demands of the draft and high wages in wartime industries. Detroit was recovering from race riots that had killed 26. One trouble spot had been the Packard Motor Car Co. where white employes …

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Jun 16

Zoot Suit Riots, Los Angeles 1943-World War II week by week

Cartoon from June 16, 1943 comparing Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini to zootsuiters.

Sometimes people look back on a time, remembering the good and overlooking the bad. While the nation pulled together to fight World War II there were some ugly events that showed America was still on the journey to the goal in the United States Declaration of Independence,”that all men are created equal…” According to the …

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Jun 09

Sending telephotos, World War II week by week

May 26, 1943 photos included the U.S.S. Oklahoma being raised from depths of Pearl Harbor.

When I started my career in newspapers we had a box in the corner of the newsroom that would spit wirephotos out every couple of minutes. Next to it was another box attached to a phone. If news happened you would make a print, type a caption on sticky paper, attach it to the print …

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Jun 02

Tales from Attu, World War II week by week

June 1, 1943 Telegram-Tribune tells of invasion of Attu Island.

The delayed by censors story of the American’s drive against the Japanese on Attu Island featured two officers who had trained at Camp San Luis Obispo. Col. Frank Culin of Tuscon, Arizona and Maj. Albert V. Hartl of Bismarck, North Dakota. The fighting was grim up windswept mountains, fighting frostbite above the snowline in addition …

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May 29

Dunite Days in the Oceano Dunes

Ellwood Decker was an artist and one of the last of the dunites. ©Telegram-Tribune/Sharon Lewis Dickerson

Ephemeric characters flash through history like shooting stars, rarely remembered beyond their days. Visionaries, dreamers and mystics rarely get remembered. Usually that honor goes to industrialists, generals, politicians and entertainers. Dreams aren’t worth a memorial if no one made a buck off it or won a battle. A rare exception is coming up. The first …

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