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Dec 03

Wartime Tax increase


At 5.04 percent of Gross Domestic Product, the Revenue Act of 1942 weighs in as the highest U.S. tax increase on record. This graphic provided by the Newspaper Enterprise Association carries a flippant caption it is unclear if this was a locally written or came from the wire service. Under the new plan some money …

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Nov 03

California elections, World War II week by week

Nov. 3, 1942 Telegram-Tribune headlines the election and war in Africa.

Even during a war that required a concentrated effort from society, elections were held. California voters had to wade through 18 propositions in addition to major state government seats. (Preliminary returns show Prop. 6 – Establishment of a board of forestry, appears to be winning, Prop. 5 – Pay raises for legislators, loses and Prop. …

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Oct 15

Franklin Roosevelt comes to San Luis Obispo by Southern Pacific

October 1, 1942 Franklin Roosevelt's tour of wartime training and production facilites was made public after the two week tour was completed.

Update the box score. Republicans 6, Democrats 1. The category? Men who were would be or had been President who have visited the fair San Luis Obispo County as documented in Photos From the Vault. Who is the one Democrat? That other Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. This also makes the county 2 for 2 for Roosevelts …

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Oct 12

Remembering Myron Graham

Myron Graham at his home. ©Telegram-Tribune Photo by Ken Chen

He would always greet me with a hearty, “Hello young man!” even when I was into my 40s. I knew Myron Graham from childhood. Grandma Betty bought her watercolor paints and paper at Grahams Art Store downtown on Monterey Street. There was always a plate with graham crackers to snack on and the pungent smells …

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Sep 06

Election turn out counts, winning by one vote

Pismo Beach Mayor Nebb Eldwayen savors his single-vote victory over Scovil Hubbard. ©Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

It is easy to get lazy or cynical about elections. All of that political hype and advertising makes me want to pull the plug on the television, telephone and Teletype. Yes, I have a Teletype in every billiard room of my mobile home. All newspaper employees do. Kidding aside, your vote can make a difference. …

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Aug 28

Early days of the Tribune


From the first edition August 7, 1869 and for almost 8 years Horatio Southgate Rembaugh was the common thread in the management of the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Except for an unfortunate three-month interlude under the ownership of James J. Ayers, the Tribune would be associated with H.S. Rembaugh. Either as the announced owner, actual …

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Jul 16

Benjamin Brooks, longest serving editor-proprietor The Tribune

Benjamin Brooks was the longest serving editor and owner of the Tribune and was leader of the Elks Lodge from 1896-1897. This photo is from their hall.

You had to have imagination, optimism and faith to see business opportunity in San Luis Obispo County at the end of the 19th century. Benjamin Brooks saw it in a struggling newspaper printed in a tiny cow town. Since it was founded Aug. 7, 1869, The Tribune had a revolving door of almost a dozen …

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Feb 28

Buy War Bonds, World War II bond drives

The war bond effort was illustrated with Uncle Sam in this February 2, 1942 edition of the then Telegram-Tribune.

One of the striking differences between the First and Second World Wars and later conflicts is the sense of shared sacrifice. Today politicians won’t ask for a tax increase to pay for a war or two and they don’t ask citizens to invest. During the Second World War those who weren’t in the Armed Forces …

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Feb 04

Japanese internment announced World War II week by week

Internment of Japanese during World War II is announced on the same day as President Franklin Roosevelt's 60th birthday in the Telegram-Tribune newspaper.

The Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce surprised the county and city of San Luis Obispo on January 29, 1942 by announcing they would be happy to have a federally constructed airport. City leaders had been in negotiations with the Civil Aeronautics Authority for two months as the San Luis Obispo city and county avoided committing …

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Jan 03

Newt Gingrich campaigns in California, fiscal conservatives ride Amtrack

Newt Gingrich signs autographs at a whistle stop in San Luis Obispo, California. ©Jaimie Trueblood/Telegram-Tribune

Why would a modern day candidate ride the rails? Two words, fund raising. In 1996 you could ride in a train car with Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole for a contribution of $5,000. The Speaker of the House at the time, Newt Gingrich was a more modest contribution of $1,500. Dole withdrew from the event …

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