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Dec 19

War declared on Japan, World War II week by week

World War II comes to the United States as war is declared on Japan. Telegram-Tribune, December 8, 1941.

December 8 — America, Britain, Canada, Free France, the Netherlands and six other countries declared war on Japan in the wake of coordinated attacks across the Pacific. Japanese attacks were reported in Thailand, British Malaya, Philippine Islands, Hong Kong, Guam, Midway and Wake Islands. The war declaration by Congress made no mention of the European …

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Nov 21

The Industrial Army marches, great-grandfathers of the Tea Party and Occupy movements

America was born with a tradition of populist movements. What was the Boston Tea Party but a bunch of populists rebelling against taxes and monopoly? Today there is a Tea Party movement that often complains about taxes and an Occupy movement that often complains about monopolies. The striking thing about both movements today is they …

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Oct 28

The first woman judge in San Luis Obispo County, Teresa Estrada-Mullaney

Why did it take so long? Women were granted the right to vote one hundred years ago in 1911. Clara Shortridge Folz was admitted to the California State Bar in 1878 after lobbying the state legislature to remove gender restrictions. Georgia Bullock presided over the Los Angeles Women’s Court in 1914, the first woman judge …

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Oct 05

Votes for women – a long road to travel

The Daily Telegram buries the lead story of the day, women gain the right to vote. October 13, 1911. Abigail Adams wrote her husband when the nation's founding dads were excluding founding moms from governing the fledgling nation. Abigail Adams to John Adams March 31, 1776 "Do not put such unlimited power into the hands …

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Oct 03

Ronald Reagan raises taxes

Ronald Reagan asked for higher taxes and got them. Not just a little. Not just a few. This 1967 story called it the largest raise ever requested by any governor in the nation. Not just one tax. Sales tax, income tax, corporation tax, bank maximum tax, cigarette tax, liquor tax and levees on cigars and …

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May 31

Montana de Oro — trails opened

Labeled "Rancho Montana 1965" from the files of The Tribune. ©The Tribune Moñtana de Oro was a new state park in 1965. There were several articles in the early 60s leading up to the purchase of the park for public use. Local state senator Vernon Sturgeon was one of the leaders who pushed for funding …

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Jan 08

Arroyo Grande Centennial Celebration

The sleepy little town of Arroyo Grande woke up when the narrow gauge, Pacific Coast Railway, arrived in the town in October of 1881.  Arroyo Grande lived by the timetable of the little train.  It was now possible to go to San Luis Obispo in comfort and much faster than a horse.  The one passenger car had red velvet covered seats and ornate wrought iron adornments.  (Photo Courtesy South County Historical Society)

Arroyo Grande will join her centenarian sisters San Luis Obispo and El Paso de Robles this year when she turns 100 this summer. I can refer to them as sisters, can’t I? Hey, the Supreme Court says corporations are persons. Now I’m not saying San Luis Obispo is old, but she will celebrate 200 before …

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Dec 12

Drive through urban planning and Mission Plaza

Mission Plaza 11-10-1970 shortly before dedication, trees are small but the basic construction is done. ©The Tribune/David Ranns

Urban planning is a complex business. Change requires vision, political skill, money and sometimes an out of control egg truck. An ironic turn when you think about it. The town that has outlawed drive through businesses has its most beloved public space courtesy of an unintended drive through. An unbylined story that sounds like the …

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Dec 08

Susan B. Anthony speaks for a woman’s right to vote

Susan B. Anthony dollar coin

Can you name two faces from American currency who have visited San Luis Obispo County? The first was Susan B. Anthony. Born into a activist Quaker family, they were involved in the anti-slavery movement. She was disappointed when a woman’s right to vote was not included in the the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments. Male slaves …

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Nov 29

Joseph Giannini, Marine Service and Equipment

Giannini Marine Service and Equipment, a landmark in Morro Bay and bellweather of the fishing business is closing. from the left Elieen Giannini Joe Anderson and Joe Romley talk over what makes a good custom fishing lure.©The Tribune/David Middlecamp 04/5/06

Fishing was once the center of Morro Bay life. Many water color paintings have been made of picturesque boats tied up at the dock. Over the years fish populations have changed. Scientists and fishermen argue over the numbers but it is clear that, for example numbers like the 2,000,000 abalone harvested in  1962 are no …

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