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Apr 13

Remembering Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters in a 1998 provided photograph.

There is a little less laughter in the world. Jonathan Winters a brilliantly inventive force of comedy passed away yesterday, April 11, 2013 at the age of 87. The San Luis Obispo film festival honored veteran director Stanley Kramer and friend Jonathan Winters came up from his Montecito home for the celebration. Winters was one …

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Apr 03

Where have all the flowers gone?

The World War I field artillery piece in front of San Luis Obispo's Veterans Memorial Building on Grand Avenue had an unusually pacific look today—garlands of posies, including one hibiscus bloom right smack in the blooming muzzle. Published July 12, 1973.
Wayne Nicholls, Telegram-Tribune

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Mar 23

Underwater Easter egg hunt Morro Bay


When this story was first posted in Photos From the Vault the original 1968 story was not included. Family Editor Linnea Waltz wrote this story April 11, 1968: MORRO BAY— Clear water, warm weather and eager kids demonstrated togetherness Tuesday afternoon at the Morro Bay High School pool. The idea was to get as many …

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Mar 20

Fashionable Easter shirt waists from 1903

March 22, 1903 front page ad from the Morning Tribune.

Easter fashion for women at the dawn of the 20th century included flowery hats and high collared dresses as seen in this advertisement from a San Luis Obispo store. I am told by informed fashion sources that a shirt waist is a blouse that in that era would typically be worn over an uncomfortable whale …

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Mar 01

SLO Uncovered – Pirate’s Cove, the naked truth about the origin of a nude beach

Pirate's Cove became known as a nude beach in the early 1970s.

Originally all the beaches in the county were clothing optional. According to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, traditional Chumash garb was a two-piece skirt for women and perhaps a belt for men. Then along came the Spanish friars and beach attire became more modest. When did Pirate’s Cove become the Mecca for nude …

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Jan 25

Zenith Solid State Stereos and Color TV Combinations

Feb. 8, 1966 ad for Zenith color TV and stereos. Mid-Century modern cabinets were the style of the day.

In the 1960s there were two schools of thought on sound systems. The new way was assembling a set of components, speakers, amplifier, turntable, etc. As you could afford it you would buy the best component part and assemble a system. A story on the same page as this advertisement explained the concept. The old …

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Dec 28

You can leave your hat off, changing fashion in the 1960s

The manitilla used to be common church attire.

Covering the head is a religious custom that can vary depending on doctrine, degree of orthodoxy, local practice and the tenor of the time. Orthodox Jewish men and boys wear the yarmulke. Conservative Muslim women don the hijab. In the late 1960s among the many changes in the air was the lacy mantilla falling out …

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Oct 19

Getting clammy in Pismo Beach, a brief history of the Clam Festival

Ural Foresee, a veteran of 40 Clam Festivals, poses with one of Pismo's concrete replicas. Published Nov 6, 1986 photo by Mark Buchman/Telegram-Tribune

Fall is festival season on the Central Coast and this weekend Pismo Beach hosts the 66th annual edition of the Clam Festival. Even though there are few of the bivalves under the sand today the title Clamless Festival does not have the same appeal. Telegram-Tribune reporter Mark Buchman wrote about some of the event’s history …

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Oct 12

Remembering Myron Graham

Myron Graham at his home. ©Telegram-Tribune Photo by Ken Chen

He would always greet me with a hearty, “Hello young man!” even when I was into my 40s. I knew Myron Graham from childhood. Grandma Betty bought her watercolor paints and paper at Grahams Art Store downtown on Monterey Street. There was always a plate with graham crackers to snack on and the pungent smells …

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Jul 27

Crowning Miss San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County Fair

Fair director Bill Hartzell crowns Paulette Camsuzou as maid of San Luis Obispo County August 13, 1969. ©Telegram-Tribune Photo by Mike Raphael

Fair season is a time to suspend the normal rules. Go ahead, wear high heels with a swim suit. Have a rock concert in a rodeo arena. Stand in line for just about everything. Wear clean white pants while leading around livestock. See livestock that are groomed better than one or more spectators. Deep fry …

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