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Dec 14

Christmas in the pines, Cambria dance advertisement

Cambria Christmas ball advertised in the Dec. 4, 1869 Tribune.

The Tribune was four months old in December 1869 and it carried an advertisement for a Grand Christmas Ball scheduled for Christmas Eve in Cambria. At the time the town in the pines was undergoing a development boom and was the county’s second city. The dinner, and dance was touted at the grandest of the …

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Sep 26

Early days in Cambria, or Roseaville


By the time the second edition the weekly San Luis Obispo Tribune was published the paper was starting to hit stride. The editor, Walter Murray had a bright confident writing style and the paper was interested in more than politics. Volume 1 Number 1 of the San Luis Obispo Tribune was published on Saturday but …

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Sep 04

Horatio Southgate Rembaugh, Tribune editor

Horatio Southgate Rembaugh, was the public face of the Tribune when it was founded in 1869. The photo is circa 1910. Photo courtesy Stacy McKitrick.

Horatio S. Rembaugh traveled many miles before he set out to California, arriving in San Luis Obispo just in time to help publish the first edition of the Tribune. Born in Philadelphia August 3, 1840 he would never know his mother. Ann Rembaugh died within 9 months of Horatio’s birth. The fourth and last child …

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Aug 10

Volume I Number I, The Tribune’s first issue

August 7, 1869 As promised Friday here are some excerpts from the four page, first edition of The Tribune. The front page and biography of founder Walter Murray were outlined in a  previous post. Careful viewers will spot his advertisement on the front. Alexander Murray, Walter’s younger brother, advertises his store on an inside page. …

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Aug 07

Walter Murray founds The Tribune


August 7, 1869 For employees at the Tribune it all began 140 years ago today. But the story of the founder begins over four decades earlier and half way around the world. By any measure he had a remarkable life. Born on a winter day in London December 9, 1826; he was trained in the …

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