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Oct 31

Horatio S. Rembaugh takes over the Tribune

The Tribune has had competition for all but 8 of the over 140 years it has been published. As founder Walter Murray turned the reins of ownership over to his partner Horatio Southgate Rembaugh both wrote editorials reviewing the contentious early history of the paper. Murray’s column is linked here. Both the San Luis Obispo …

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Oct 29

Walter Murray retires from journalism after founding the Tribune

It was an open secret. Everyone in town knew Walter Murray was the founding editor of The San Luis Obispo Tribune. Competitors criticized Murray by name on an almost weekly basis. But the first edition the Tribune in August 1869 showed H.S. Rembaugh and Co. as the publisher. Except for a failed ownership change for …

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Jul 25

James J. Ayers, western journalist, Tribune editor part 2

James J. Ayers photo from his book Gold and Sunshine, Reminiscences of Early California. He founded the San Franscico Morning Call and briefly was publisher-editor of the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

James J. Ayers holds the record for shortest tenure as editor-publisher of The Tribune, October-December 1871. He was the second editor, of the then weekly newspaper. Taking over for founder Walter Murray who wanted to devote more time to pursue a judicial career. He would also be the second editor born in Great Britain. Murray …

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