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Apr 19

Advertising you can sink your teeth into


I can’t imagine how uncomfortable this must have been, a full upper plate of 1875 dentures. Advertisement for Dr. N.W. Shaug dentist from Feb. 6, 1875. Published in the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Mar 05

Vessels wanted! Sailing to Guadalupe

Ad from the San Luis Obispo Tribune front page Feb. 6, 1875.

One of the oddities in the all advertising front page of the Tribune Feb. 6, 1875 was this vertical sailing ship. Either it is riding a really big wave or perhaps the ship is sailing south from the equator. More likely the engraving was made too wide for one column. Harriman & Co. had industriously …

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Nov 23

Goldtree Brothers, pioneer merchants in San Luis Obispo and San Miguel

Legal notice in the Nov. 27, 1857 Tribune told the story of the Goldtree business expanding to San Migue.

They advertised in the first issue of the first newspaper in San Luis Obispo, the San Luis Obispo Pioneer, and were the Wal-Mart of their day. The ad on January 4, 1868 touts GOLDTREE BROS. The Oldest Business House in San Luis Obispo. Established, 1856.” Keep constantly on hand, and offer for sale to the …

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