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Aug 31

Finely aged news from 1876

Everything old is news again, a newspaper from 1876 is rediscovered in 1969. ©Michael Raphael/Telegram-Tribune

The joke told in my business is that all of our best work from yesterday is either wrapping fish or training puppies. Even butter has a longer shelf life than news. Unless it hangs around long enough to become history. Then it becomes interesting again as this June 4, 1969 photo and story by Michael …

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Aug 21

Stage Coach advertisement, 1876 transportation

Stage coach advertisement for Coast Stage Line Company offering service from Salinas to San Diego, July 26, 1876.

There are several roads in the county with the moniker Stage Coach Road, echos of a more romantic era of travel. That is if you equate romance with grit, smell, jolting and danger. This advertisement from the San Luis Tribune – shortly after the nation’s centennial – outline the joys of land transportation in 1876. …

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Jul 03

Cosmopolitan Hotel ad, fine sleeping rooms

Cosmopolitan Hotel ad July, 26, 1876 shortly after the United States turned 100.

[Oops, an correction is in order here, I confused the Cosmopolitan seen here with an earlier post about the Central Hotel which was seen in a photograph from 1883 in an earlier post. Thanks to Jack Krege for phone call.] Over the course of the last two weeks Cosmoplitan Hotel has popped up twice before. …

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Jun 13

Buy This! said the screaming head

Screaming heads have been an advertising designer's favorite image for centuries.

Why is the screaming head such a durable image in advertising? Why is it such an eye stopper? Seeing is more than absorbing raw visual data. It is sensory reasoning, distinguishing faces from the background, identifying features and expressions. Upwards of 30% of the brain is devoted to decoding the world around us. Yet for …

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Aug 12

Montgomery Queen, King of the Showmen!

Circus ad San Luis Obispo Tribune July 29, 1876

In August of our nation’s centennial year there was big time entertainment coming to town. Montgomery Queen, the self proclaimed “King of Showmen!”  came to the county giving two performances daily during four consecutive dates. The locations were from Arroyo Grande to Paso de Robles. They must have been yeoman movers to make the move …

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May 20

Tea grows in China

November 27, 1875 ad for Ah Louis' Chinese Labor Agency & Store!

1876 The Fox network may tell you otherwise but immigration is not a new issue. Fear of “others” has always been a quick way to gather a mob, er, viewers or subscribers. Fresh flowers were on graves from New Orleans to Gettysburg.  Civil War veterans still marched in parades recognizing their fight, in part, for …

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Jan 08

Improvements at the gas works

Gas stove ad from the San Luis Obispo Tribune 1876

UPDATE: So far this is the earliest documentation of gas works I have discovered in San Luis Obispo. It appears that the gas has been on for at about a year and stores were beginning to sell gas stoves and would contract to install a gas line into the house. As previously discussed here, ten …

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