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Oct 08

Good-bye Squirrels

Booth's Squirrel and gopher exterminator ad from May 8, 1880.

A couple of years ago they waited, watching, biding their time. When my beefsteak tomatoes were three days from harvest they struck. Ground squirrel squads came through the fence and ate all the red, leaving lopsided green-striped tomato tops hanging from the vine. I could hear their high pitched laughter echoing from their dens. Apparently …

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Aug 24

Whaling tale from San Simeon

Advertisement for a corset from the May 21, 1907 edition of the Telegram.

Whales were once used to make oil used for lubrication and illumination in the days before petroleum and electricity. Women’s corsets were also made from whale bone. Actually the material was baleen, the hard material in the mouths of filter feeding whales. It was tough and flexible, the plastic of the era. Collar stays, buggy …

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