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May 22

El Pizmo Inn

This post card was in a Paso Robles file with no caption information. Printed on the back was “Alsup Studio Paso Robles, Calif.” Only problem was the building didn’t look like one from Paso Robles. The low heavy fog, dune scrub growth and lack of oak trees made Paso Robles less likely for the location. …

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Sep 04

Horatio Southgate Rembaugh, Tribune editor

Horatio Southgate Rembaugh, was the public face of the Tribune when it was founded in 1869. The photo is circa 1910. Photo courtesy Stacy McKitrick.

Horatio S. Rembaugh traveled many miles before he set out to California, arriving in San Luis Obispo just in time to help publish the first edition of the Tribune. Born in Philadelphia August 3, 1840 he would never know his mother. Ann Rembaugh died within 9 months of Horatio’s birth. The fourth and last child …

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Feb 13

Pismo Beach Fashion 1900s, Leonard collection

Women's and men's beach fashion circa 1900 at Pismo Beach.

This appears to be he height of beach fashion at Pismo Beach circa early 1900s. The flat beach leads me to guess Pismo Beach, a destination for tourists after the railroad went through in the early 20th century. The man is wearing a handsome two piece swim suit while the woman has on a stylish …

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Feb 10

Dunnigan’s Grammar School Baseball Nine, Leonard collection

Dunnigan's baseball nine, who are they? Children's baseball team from the early 1900s. If you know please post a comment.

It is likely that these children smiling at us from a century ago are no longer with us. The image comes from a collection of large format negatives in the Tribune library. They were  enclosed in a 1950s era Telegram-Tribune window envelope, labeled “Mrs. Leonard.” The images however are decades older. How old? Two of …

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Nov 03

Marsh Street Parade


Tribune librarian Sharon Morem found this undated postcard photo of a Marsh Street parade in the files. That is our starting point. From here we start making guesses. The spectators are dressed in their holiday best, plenty of folks are wearing long sleeves and there are no shadows under an overcast sky. The street is …

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Aug 28

1900′s Pacific Telephone & Telegraph operators


The old San Luis Obispo telephone exchange when it was located on Chorro Street. Pictured here are Cecelia Dodge (standing) Ruth Johnson, nee Haley, Elena Bellani, nee Heyd, Mael Seely, nee Sutliff and Maymie McMillan. The exterior photo shows the 1894-95 San Luis Obispo telephone office located in the Knapp building on Higuera Street next …

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