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Nov 06

San Miguel fires

This photo of San Miguel appears to be from between 1909 and 1915, Mission in far background.

Digging a little deeper in the San Miguel history folders I found this Lura Rawson column. The town had even more boom and bust cycles than I originally thought. From the Telegram-Tribune May 31, 1990: San Miguel: Like its namesake, a survivor. In an earlier column, I called Mission San Miguel Archangel a survivor among …

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Oct 11

San Luis High girl’s tennis team

San Luis Obispo High School tennis team from 1901.

Caption from the May 11, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune for a Fitzhugh photograph. (His studio was a regular newspaper advertiser in the late 1800s.) ‘THE TENNIS CLUB’…Pictured in the first issue of the “Meteor,” high school annual for the class of 1901, is the bevy of young maidens entitled “The Tennis club,” I. …

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Sep 17

John Bell, life on the beach

Title John Bell, old hermit of Pismo Beach—1901. Insurance and Trust Company (LOS ANGELES) Collection of Historical Photographs

Sometimes the clipping is not with the photo in the files. Pity. This man has a story to tell. Standing barefoot in the sand a bearded man squints at the photographer. A shack with a roof of tule reeds and sides of thatched tules and canvas tent. Heat is provided by a tin stove that …

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May 27

1901 SLOHS Track Team


TRACK TEAM OF 1901: The San Luis Obispo High School was admitted to the Southern California interscholastic Athletic Association for the first time in 1901 and entered its first met under league membership in April of that year at Santa Barbara. Members of the team pictured here were identified by “Hub” Hollister from a picture …

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Nov 20

Sandercock Transfer & Storage

Fred Sandercock was part of the mounted party who escorted President William McKinley on his visit to San Luis Obispo. Looking back on names mentioned in the columns of the Tribune and Telegram newspapers the name Sandercock appears early and often. Before the Secret Service assumed lead responsibility for presidential security local volunteers with good …

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Aug 12

1901 McKinley Train


May 10, 1901 Tribune librarian Sharon Morem has uncovered a stack of old prints from our files. Some of them are from before the paper published photos but they were printed on our pages at a later date so that is good enough to include in the blog. The election season is here, this is …

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