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May 01

Origins of Halcyon, CA and Temple of the People

spherical triangle design of Temple of People has religious significance in Theosophy.

Paul Ivey will deliver a presentation based on his book “Radiance from Halcyon” a history of the Temple of the People. The program will take place Friday May 3 at 6 p.m. Meet at the IOOF Hall in Arroyo Grande at 128 Bridge Street (across from McLintock’s). Admission is free with a donation request in …

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Mar 20

Fashionable Easter shirt waists from 1903

March 22, 1903 front page ad from the Morning Tribune.

Easter fashion for women at the dawn of the 20th century included flowery hats and high collared dresses as seen in this advertisement from a San Luis Obispo store. I am told by informed fashion sources that a shirt waist is a blouse that in that era would typically be worn over an uncomfortable whale …

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Jan 22

The Oceano Southern Pacific Depot restoration and Harold Guiton

Harold Guiton stands in front of the Southern Pacific, Oceano Depot, ready to continue with the restoration.
©Doug Parker/The Tribune

Harold Guiton would be happy to see the depot in use today. He and other volunteers saved what is now the only remaining Southern Pacific Depot in the county. Paso Robles modernized and remodeled their depot after a fire so it is little like the original structure. San Luis Obispo bulldozed their wood frame depot. …

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Dec 27

Howard Jack, editor of the San Luis Obispo Breeze

Howard Jack, rancher and and in his teen years editor of the Breeze. Published August 7, 1969 in the Telegram-Tribune.

What happened to the Breeze? Last week the story of 19th century Tribune and Breeze editor George Staniford was told. When Staniford passed away in 1903 his former newspaper the Breeze soon came under the helm of Howard Jack. The name may sound familiar; Howard’s father, land developer and rancher R.E. Jack built the Jack …

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Dec 20

George Staniford, Tribune and Breeze Editor

George Breck Staniford - Photo courtesy King David's Masonic Lodge of San Luis Obispo.

They could have been bitter rivals. Benjamin Brooks was the long time editor of The Tribune. George Staniford had owned The Tribune before Brooks and later owned a competing paper the Breeze. Both held high office in the Masonic lodge. Often rival newspapers of the era engaged in ugly personal attacks between editors and some …

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Jan 30

Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription, quack medicine

Patent medicine ad from 1903, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.

Wrap a little psudo-science and empty promises around a bottle of pungent tasting snake oil and you have the makings of a fortune. The late 19th and early 20th century was a Libertarian utopia. This was the golden age of quack medicine unadulterated, unregulated, unfettered free enterprise, buyer beware. Women who ingested the product may …

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Mar 19

Liquid Air Experiments


Think of today’s pay per view, boxing, horse races, movies and the like. An example of 1903 pay per view was odd by comparison, oh and you had to leave the home to see it. LIQUID AIR EXPERIMENTS Dozens of Paradoxical Feats Enjoyment….Novelty….Instruction Burning Steel and Freezing Strawberries in ice tumbler containing Liquid Air. THE …

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Feb 05

In Search of Grizzly Bear Skulls


You can find grizzly bears all over California — just look up. There it is, on the flag pole. According to one website the last Grizzly in the state was shot in 1922 but they were becoming rare as early as 1889. It was then that newspaper tycoon William Randloph Hearst commissioned reporter Allen Kelley …

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Jun 29

Teddy Roosevelt in San Luis Obispo County

For those of you keeping score, it is Republicans 5, Democrats 0. William McKinley Teddy Roosevelt Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan George W. Bush These are all the U.S. presidents who have visited San Luis Obispo County that I have found records on. All except Nixon and Reagan came by rail. The last three would be …

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