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Nov 07

Corral de Piedra Threshing Co.

From the May 14, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune: THRESHING TIME…This picture of the Corral de Piedra Threshing company was sent in by George Kilbern, 1639 Garden street, Long Beach. The outfit belonged to Kilbern’s father. The photo was taken around 1906 by Frank C. Aston, retired photographer, who chronicled the life of San Luis Obispo through the camera lens for almost half a century. ©The Tribune

Western civilization is built on wheat. The story begins about 10,000 B.C., a cross of three grass species is found to be a rich food source. Wheat farming is woven into the narrative of the United States. Clear the land of unproductive plants (and indigenous people), plant wheat, make money, and build a strong democratic …

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Feb 01

Carnegie Library the first public library building in San Luis Obispo

Built by Stevens and Maino contractors the library was made possible by a grant of $10,000 from Andrew Carnegie, philanthropist. The contract was let at a price of $8,900. Sadly the beautiful wood frame home to the left is now a parking lot. Undated photograph a few years after the Nov. 9, 1904 dedication.

The previous three buildings that The Tribune called home have been torn down. However if you want to trace the history of the San Luis Obispo Library all four buildings still stand. Before Google there were libraries. A town had shaken the dust off of its boots and arrived in the civilized world with the …

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Dec 07

Doctor William Stover – Surgeon in Charge


The celebration of Sierra Vista’s 50th anniversary challenged The Vault to turn the clock back an additional 50 years. Be glad we live in this medical era. If you ever want a good cringe check out medical museums from 1900 or earlier. Most of the equipment looks like something from a horror film. Around the …

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