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Dec 27

Howard Jack, editor of the San Luis Obispo Breeze

Howard Jack, rancher and and in his teen years editor of the Breeze. Published August 7, 1969 in the Telegram-Tribune.

What happened to the Breeze? Last week the story of 19th century Tribune and Breeze editor George Staniford was told. When Staniford passed away in 1903 his former newspaper the Breeze soon came under the helm of Howard Jack. The name may sound familiar; Howard’s father, land developer and rancher R.E. Jack built the Jack …

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Dec 07

The end of horse and buggy days, the stage from San Luis to San Simeon

Pettenger's hamburger stand at the corner of Osos and Marsh Streets owned by A.M. (Bert) Pettenger. Later called Dad's.

Technology changes and the job you thought you had is gone. I hear that one all the time. How about a job that only lasts one year? Elliot Curry told the story in the Telegram-Tribune March 22, 1968: Auto killed San Simeon run Pettenger’s short-lived stage line Two young fellows from Iowa stopped at the …

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Oct 12

Pulling the plug, fire plug

RELIC OF RAMONA FIRE— Mrs. Louisiana Dart, County Museum curator, left, and Mrs. Mildred DiPaolo examine fire hydrant from Ramona Hotel corner. ©The Tribune-Wayne Nicholls

The Ramona hotel was a luxury destination, host to presidents and the dream of land speculators who thought “If you build a fancy hotel they will come, and buy our land, making us rich. Moooohahahahahaaaaaaaa.” Ok, I may have made up that quote, but I’m pretty sure the general drift is accurate. The all too …

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Mar 08

1905 Fire destroys a city block

San Luis Obispo fire hose team at a muster in Ventura, 1904. Horses were used to pull hose carts long distances.   October 10, 1905 Today we are fortunate to live in an age where the areas cities have professional full time fire fighters or well trained volunteers with excellent equipment. They have agreements for …

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Dec 01

Ramona Hotel

One of the places I would turn back time to see would be the Ramona Hotel. Four stories tall, the building covered the block between Higuera and Marsh Streets and fronted Essex St. (Now Johnson Ave.) The Hotel had its own railroad spur, a saloon, ballroom and several drawing rooms. The Hotel opened October 3, …

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