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Dec 22

Electric lamps, the latest thing

Safe electric power was advertised in 1906.

A little over a hundred years ago this advertisement touted the safety of electric power over candles, gas or oil lamps. This is from the Feb. 24, 1906 edition of the San Luis Obispo Telegram. If you are reading this by a whale oil fired lamp you may want to E.M. Payne and get set …

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Nov 07

Corral de Piedra Threshing Co.

From the May 14, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune: THRESHING TIME…This picture of the Corral de Piedra Threshing company was sent in by George Kilbern, 1639 Garden street, Long Beach. The outfit belonged to Kilbern’s father. The photo was taken around 1906 by Frank C. Aston, retired photographer, who chronicled the life of San Luis Obispo through the camera lens for almost half a century. ©The Tribune

Western civilization is built on wheat. The story begins about 10,000 B.C., a cross of three grass species is found to be a rich food source. Wheat farming is woven into the narrative of the United States. Clear the land of unproductive plants (and indigenous people), plant wheat, make money, and build a strong democratic …

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Jan 23

Horse drawn chemical truck, San Luis Obispo firefighters in 1906

CHEMICAL TRUCK — The latest thing in fire fighting equipment — in 1906, that is—is pictured here in a photo which was presented to the San Luis Obispo fire department by Mrs. Callie M. John in 1948. The gallant volunteers in uniform are as follows: Top row, left to right—Charles Hasse, John Isola, Manuel Lopez, Billie Bambrouck, John Kirkeby, Johnnie Martin, a Mr. Parsons, Henry Berkemeyer, Frank Tercis and Warren M. John. Lower row same order, Frank Soto, Ernest Taylor and Joe Ghigliotti. Volunteer fire companies took great pride in their appearance and equipment.

A little over 100 years ago the pride and joy of the fire department was the horse drawn wagon. This would be state of the art firefighting in San Luis Obispo until 1916 when petrol would replace equine power. This photo was made a year after one of the worst fires in history struck downtown, …

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Jul 28

The Saloons Versus Daily Telegram

Page 2 of the Telegram March 3, 1906

There was little that was temperate about the temperance movement. Anti-Saloon League members wanted to get the drink out of a barfly’s hands and replace it with a hymnal. Women might be allowed drink at home but at that time were not welcome in bars. Often medicines advertised as specifics for “Women’s Complaints” consisted largely …

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