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Feb 25

Lincoln hates booze

The Daily Telegram never lost an opportunity to scold readers about the evils of drink. This house ad is from Sept. 30, 1911.

When the Daily Telegram was founded in 1905 it was a temperance newspaper. It never lost an opportunity to scold readers on the evils of drink. Here the editors typeset a quote from one of the beloved icons of history and tried to bend it to to their cause. A quick google search did not …

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Jan 16

Biplane over Pismo Beach, California aviation before baggage fees

Biplane lands circa 1911 at Pismo Beach. © The Tribune

A yellow biplane is a regular sight today off the coast of Pismo Beach but the coast’s aviation dates back over 100 years earlier. This picture postcard from the files of the Tribune has scrawled on the back  in pencil instructions for publication – “2 col” and a few scant words of caption information. “Landed …

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Oct 10

Speed hungry auto fiends on Cuesta Grade

OLD CUESTA ROAD–A photo from the California Division of Highways — now Caltrans — which once reported 71 hazardous curves on the highway north of San Luis Obispo. The auto road was built in 1915 and improved in 1923, the photo is from about 1922. Small government advocates would love to turn the clock back …

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Oct 05

Votes for women – a long road to travel

The Daily Telegram buries the lead story of the day, women gain the right to vote. October 13, 1911. Abigail Adams wrote her husband when the nation's founding dads were excluding founding moms from governing the fledgling nation. Abigail Adams to John Adams March 31, 1776 "Do not put such unlimited power into the hands …

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Jan 08

Arroyo Grande Centennial Celebration

The sleepy little town of Arroyo Grande woke up when the narrow gauge, Pacific Coast Railway, arrived in the town in October of 1881.  Arroyo Grande lived by the timetable of the little train.  It was now possible to go to San Luis Obispo in comfort and much faster than a horse.  The one passenger car had red velvet covered seats and ornate wrought iron adornments.  (Photo Courtesy South County Historical Society)

Arroyo Grande will join her centenarian sisters San Luis Obispo and El Paso de Robles this year when she turns 100 this summer. I can refer to them as sisters, can’t I? Hey, the Supreme Court says corporations are persons. Now I’m not saying San Luis Obispo is old, but she will celebrate 200 before …

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Aug 30

Biplane races car

Daily Telegram July 10, 1911

Aviation pioneers had a strong attraction to the soft landings provided by sand dunes. The Wright Brothers had Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Fred Wiseman had Pismo Beach. Thanks to Paso Robles blogger, Dave Skinner, for sharing the link to more Wiseman information. In December 1903 Orville and Wilbur first took to the sky. Inspired by …

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Aug 28

Great Biplane and Automobile Race at Pizmo Beach

July 6, 1911 Daily Telegram

Have you heard? Big doings Sunday in Pizmo Beach. Mix gasoline with testosterone and you get racing blood. We see it all the time today, cars on the beach, a yellow biplane flying overhead but this story-line is almost a century old. Turn the calendar back to 1911 when both modes of transportation were in …

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Jul 12

Arroyo is incorporated good and tight

Bridge damaged by 1914 floods in Arroyo Grande. ©The Tribune

Arroyo Grande is embarking on a year long celebration of city-hood. The town incorporated July 10, 1911 but it was a rocky start. It is unclear from the front page July 11, 1911 article in The Telegram if the incorporation had significant opposition or if the editor was just confused about the process. It could …

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Jun 05

Court Street School Track Team 1911

I am a little embarrassed I don’t know more about the photographer Frank Aston. He left a rich legacy of negatives and prints documenting San Luis Obispo County in the early 20th century. This photo of Court Street School Track Team-June 1911 says that these students were the champions of SLO County Grammar Schools. My …

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