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Nov 10

When was the first fatal car accident in San Luis Obispo?

This fatal automobile accident was treated as major news in the October 14, 1912 Daily Telegram with the lead headline.

First, last, most, least, winners, losers, newspapers often write stories about definitives. Timothy Spies was doing genealogical research when he came across a story from October 15, 1912 San Francisco Call claiming to document the first fatal automobile accident in San Luis Obispo. He kindly shared the link with us. The Call front-page story does …

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Apr 18

Titanic Sinks, Telegram swims

News of the Titanic sinking reaches San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram, April 16, 1912.

C.L. Day the new editor and manager of the San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram was desperately bailing water, trying to keep his ship from sinking. He had just bought the debt saddled Telegram five days  a little over a month earlier on March 11, 1912. The paper needed a lot of work. Founded as a temperance advocate …

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Sep 17

Palace Barber Shop

Palace barbershop in San Luis Obispo on Chorro St. circa 1912-13. ©The Tribune

Palace Barber Shop…This interior shot of an old San Luis Obispo landmark was taken sometime between 1912 and 1913. John Fourcade is the bootblack putting a high gloss on Louie Angellini’s shoes. Joe Rodrigues is the first barber, Oscar Lusi is the second barber and B. Johnson is the third barber. The fourth barber is …

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Jul 14

Aerial pioneer Harriet Quimby

Harriet Quimby with her trainer craft, the Moisant monoplane.

Fearless, flamboyant and famous Harriet Quimby was the first American woman to be licensed as a pilot. True. She was the first person to be licensed to fly a monoplane and the first woman to fly across the English Channel. True. Her daring aerial feats inspired a young Amelia Earhart, and both would later be …

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Aug 18

Maino Construction

1912 This picture is believed to show the first time that a barn or house had been moved in San Luis Obispo by tractor power. It is an ironic twist, up until then horses had done the job. With the advent of the age of oil the market for stables downtown was fading away. In …

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