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Aug 17

Masonic Temple in San Luis Obispo dedicated

Apron used at dedications of several significant San Luis Obispo buildings including a courthouse, library and temple. Now framed at the Masonic Lodge in San Luis Obispo..

The Masons have a deep sense of history. This apron was used in many ceremonies. It dedicated cornerstones of three court houses including Stockton and Visalia then later San Luis Obispo in 1872. Tribune founder, judge and freemason Walter Murray wore it during the San Luis Obispo courthouse dedication ceremony. The apron outlasted the old …

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Aug 15

iPods of 1913 – Edison Disc and Columbia ads

The perfect present, Edison phonograph ads from December 8, 1913.

Music is something people have wanted to have around since the earliest times. This store could set you up with phonographs that played discs or cylinders. And if you got tired of the aerobic exercise turning the crank on the music box they sold violins, guitars, accordions and mandolins. My kind of store. Guitars started …

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Sep 17

Palace Barber Shop

Palace barbershop in San Luis Obispo on Chorro St. circa 1912-13. ©The Tribune

Palace Barber Shop…This interior shot of an old San Luis Obispo landmark was taken sometime between 1912 and 1913. John Fourcade is the bootblack putting a high gloss on Louie Angellini’s shoes. Joe Rodrigues is the first barber, Oscar Lusi is the second barber and B. Johnson is the third barber. The fourth barber is …

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Dec 18

1913 Pacific Coast Amusement Co. Pool Hall


  January 28, 1913 Photography was still enough of a novelty that everyone would stop what they were doing for a photograph. Another reason to stand still was technical. The exposure was a combination of flash (probably powder) and a long time exposure to gather light from the fixtures. Movement during the exposure would blur …

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