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May 07

The original shopping center for Atascadero

1917 Grand opening of the Mercantile/La Plaza building in Atascadero. It was behind the present day fire station.  Photo courtesy the Atascadero Historical Society

Edward Gardner Lewis and wife Mabel bought the 23,000 acre rancho that would become the colony of Atascadero for $850,000 in 1913. The utopian dreamer, land speculator and publisher envisioned a new city. By 1915 a tent city sold the subdivided lots and was the place for people to stay while building their homes. The …

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Jul 04

Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson baseball contracts 1917

Ty Cobb, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Tris Speaker, Eddie Collins, Walter Johnson, Honus Wagner, Frank Baker were all part of this All-Star baseball salary chart from 1917.

Listen to sports talk radio and perennial themes come up like: Which athlete is worth more? Your great-grandfather was arguing this one. This story ran on a feature page complete with graphic complete with a giant dollar sign and floating heads. Bonus points if you can come up with the first names and teams of …

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Jun 05

Annoying people who talk in theaters

Everett True takes on a movie theater talker in this cartoon from February 15, 1917.

Talking in theaters was apparently a problem way back in 1917, before cell phones were invented. Heck it was ten years before “The Jazz Singer” would bring talking pictures to the masses. Talking movies would spell the end of vaudeville. Film entertainers were the best of the best and delivered a show cheaper and more …

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