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Nov 30

The Roaring 20s, world class motor racing at Exposition Park

R.E. Heidorn takes a walk along the old banked curve of the once famous San Luis Obispo auto racing course. Contours of the only one-mile track were still visible along South Street in 1965. © The Tribune

Automobile engines were what put the roar into the Roaring 20s. In San Luis Obispo a palace to the newfangled automobile was constructed between two monuments of the railway, it was called Exposition Park. The roundhouses for the Southern Pacific and the Pacific Coast Railway were near opposite ends of South Street. The narrow gauge …

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Sep 18

Racing at Exposition Park

Racing legend Ralph DePalma raced at Exposition Park in the 1920s.

Think automotive racing history and cities like Indianapolis or Daytona Beach come to mind. How about San Luis Obispo? For three years the town was a hot stop on the racing tour. Exposition Park opened in 1922 with a large grandstand overlooking a dirt oval next to today’s South Street where Meadow Park and condos …

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Jun 25

Now playing at the Elmo

SLO Telegram ads for Elmo Theater silent movie "Going Up" Jan.4, 1925.

“If flying interferes with your love-making, swear off flying.” Theater goers with 15 cents in their pocket could head to the Elmo Theater. The advertisement in the Daily Telegram on January 4, 1924 featured veteran silent movie actor Douglas MacLean in the movie, “Going Up”. The ad touts the movie as “Eclipsing the record breaking …

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Jul 06

Bank of Italy Advertisement


January 3, 1924 In these days of financial turmoil it is interesting to look back on how banks promoted themselves in earlier times. Back then you had to convince folks that you were more trustworthy than a mason jar in the back yard, or a sock under the bed. Even before the Great Depression putting …

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Jun 08

Pacific Bell Advertising


Here’s something I don’t understand. Back when there was only one phone company to choose from they advertised. A lot. For decades they used the bell logo and even spent millions to named a baseball park after it. Brand managers will tell you that brand recognition has a high value and the Pacific Bell had …

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Apr 28

Pismo Beach — Town of Opportunity, Lots only $500

January 5, 1924 Ever since the Gold Rush the state of California has been the Promised Land for dreamers and schemers. A reason state budgets here are so difficult to craft is that over the course of a decade the population can change radically. For example in the 1980′s California’s population increased by 6.1 million …

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Apr 12

Fly Swatting Time Has Arrived, Do it Now!

May 3, 1916 The Daily Telegram had been founded about ten years earlier in 1905 by a group of temperance minded citizens who thought The Tribune did not represent their views. The Anti-Saloon League folks were probably correct since the Trib was founded upstairs from the Chicago Brewery. When the Telegram’s founders ran out of …

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Mar 27

Cal Poly Basketball team around 1924


  The California Polytechnic School had not even grown into being a junior college yet and wouldn’t even commonly be called Cal Poly until 1927. The enrollment at the school was less than attendance at a current basketball game. If you guessed they played at Crandall Gym you would be wrong, it didn’t open until …

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Nov 05

1924 Cal Poly football team


The election is over. Hope your candidate did well. Here in the Vault we don’t have to worry about the future, lets look back at the past. Cal Poly has been playing football for a long time but 1924 was not a vintage year for the school. As a photographer I prefer the old Leatherheads style …

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