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Mar 31

Trainload of Maytag Washers


April 13, 1926 Frederick Louis Maytag built his first washing machine in 1907, after 15 years of manufacturing farm equipment. He needed a product to outside of threshing season and made the Maytag Pastime Washer out of the finest cypress wood. Two years later he bought out his partners and renamed the Parsons Company after …

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Feb 01

Union Oil Ad 1926


April 7, 1926 In an ironic twist, while the Union Oil Tank Farm was blowing up the company had an ad for Non-detonating gas in the paper. It is an advertising approach still used today. Our gas is better quality and burns cleaner than the other guy’s. The ad did not run for the remainder …

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Jan 29

Science abolishes monotony, making life better


April 13, 1926 This three deck headline on page eight tells all you need to know. Science abolishes monotony, making life better — Same principles of efficiency in factory and office now applied to American homes — Old Saying That “Woman’s Work Is Never Done” Will Be Forgotten When All Homes Have Modern Appliances. Just …

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Jan 27

San Luis Obispo Tank Farm Fire

Tank Farm property owned by Chevron. Photo by Jayson Mellom 11-13-06

April 7, 1926 Travel through the Midwest and every barn and silo has a lightning rod on it. Not too many around here. Thunderstorms are rare on the Central Coast, but a recent electric storm set me to thinking about the biggest lightning disaster in the region. Union Oil built the tank farm along the …

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