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Dec 17

Christmas shopping ideas circa 1941

Economy Drug Store ad from Dec. 11, 1941 in the Telegram-Tribune.

The Economy Drug Store featured a Santa Claus in military hat saluting. It was four days after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the influence of local military base expansion could be seen in the selection of some items and free gift wrapping and packaging for mailing. Mennen Military Toilet Kit for $2.50, contained Skin …

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Jan 26

Ink blot personality quiz from 1941

Inkblot personality quiz from November 3, 1941 Telegram-Tribune.

Here is a personality quiz from November 3, 1941. This was a canned feature page probably generated for the then Telegram-Tribune by the features service, NEA. Instructions: • Write down the letter describing the ink blot. You can answer more than one letter. • Total the numbers of each letter chosen. • If you have …

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Jan 06

1941 in San Luis Obispo County, year in review

Can anybody tell me what Spry is? It comes in three pound cans and sells for 69 cents in 1942.

Seventy years ago San Luis Obispo County was changing in many ways into the place we know today. One army base was expanding and two new ones were being built. The navy was building in Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo was paving  the Mill Street district. A city job was lost when the gas …

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Dec 31

Phillipine Islands in peril, World War II week by week

December 31, 1941 Telegram-Tribune documents Philippine invasion during World War II.

As 1941 drew to a close news reports tried to find optimistic signs in the face of a reality that was becoming increasingly grim. On December 29 United Press Staff Correspondent, Frank Weisblatt reported from U.S. Army field headquarters in Northern Luzon that “United States and Philippine forces, their tanks, guns and men in large …

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Dec 30

A former San Luis Obispo fire chief visits

December 27, 1941 war and local news in the then Telegram-Tribune newspaper.

Among the worsening war news on page three of the then Telegram-Tribune was an article that gave a glimpse of life in the late 1800s on the Central Coast. A former fire chief and downtown stable owner visited his friends during the 1941 holiday season. Apparently his skill with people and horses shaped a career …

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Dec 23

Sinking of the Union Oil tanker Montebello, World War II week by week

Sinking of the Union Oil tanker Montebello was a headline in the Telegram-Tribune on December 23, 1941. The news was supressed by wartime censorship elsewhere.

In retrospect the original skipper was right. The captain of the Union Oil tanker Montebello did not want to leave Port San Luis. Sixteen days after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor rumors were running wild. Blackout drills were being held up and down the coast and false reports of enemy aircraft were not uncommon. …

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Dec 21

War declared on Germany, Japanese internment, World War II week by week

America declares war with Germany as World War II headline fill the Telegram-Tribune December 11, 1941.

December 11, 1941 Two days after war was declared with Japan the European Axis powers declared war on America. Congress responded. President Roosevelt called for a declaration of war and within 34 minutes the legislative branch acted. Fast bipartisan action is possible. Congress also had to speed through legislation that removed restrictions against sending citizen-soldiers …

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Dec 19

War declared on Japan, World War II week by week

World War II comes to the United States as war is declared on Japan. Telegram-Tribune, December 8, 1941.

December 8 — America, Britain, Canada, Free France, the Netherlands and six other countries declared war on Japan in the wake of coordinated attacks across the Pacific. Japanese attacks were reported in Thailand, British Malaya, Philippine Islands, Hong Kong, Guam, Midway and Wake Islands. The war declaration by Congress made no mention of the European …

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Dec 04

Japan Denies War Move, World War II week by week

The Friday December 5 Telegram-Tribune was filled with lies. Japan told the United States that the nation’s troop concentrations in French Indo-China (Vietnam) were in accord with the Nazi controlled French Vichy government. Peace negotiations continued in Washington D.C. as the Japanese war fleet was within two days of Pearl Harbor. Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto had …

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Nov 29

The Brewster Buffalo, World War II week by week

The Brewster Buffalo flying in formation in the Telegram-Tribune November 11, 1941.

When—and if—the battle of the Pacific starts, American planes will be found on the job, ready to engage Axis foes. American fighter planes have arrived in Malaya month after month and assembly continues a high speed but without publicity. “They’re here in great numbers,” says Singapore, and here’s the first picture of Brewster fighters—reportedly better …

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