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Oct 29

Camp Roberts bought, World War II week by week

Camp Roberts was purchased for the U.S. Army in this Oct. 8, 1942 story in the Telegram-Tribune.

Camp Roberts land was about to be purchased according to a story in the October 8, 1942 Telegram-Tribune. The property, 47,500 acres was under lease to the War Department from Wells Fargo Bank and Union Trust Company. Though the government had the right to lease the property year to year through 1946 it was deemed …

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Oct 21

Recycle scrap metal, World War II week by week

Oct. 13, 1942 Telegram-Tribune featured a special wrapper encouraging residents to recycle metal for the war effort.

The Telegram-Tribune took the unusual step of wrapping the news pages with a special informational page that emphasized scrap metal recycling. Before it became a cause for the environmental movement recycling metals for war industries were in high demand.

Oct 07

Speedlimit set at 35 miles per hour, World War II week by week


California motorists exceeding a 35-mile per hour speed will be warned or given citations by the California Highway Patrol beginning tomorrow. The county clerk Gwen Marshall Hourlhan was asked to coordinate gasoline rationing in the county in a similar manor at sugar rationing. Production numbers were coming up for aircraft. Output in the U.S. had …

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Sep 29

Air war, World War II week by week

The air war a big part of the Telegram-Tribune front page as well as the continuing battle in Stalingrad on May 19, 1942.

Bomber crews were taking the fight to German targets. Britain and Germany had learned from bitter experience that bombers little better than big explosive targets for a well-trained group of fighter squadrons. The technology to escort bombers deep into enemy territory was still in development and American bomber crews would now pay for that shortcoming. …

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Sep 23

Gas Rationing, Amphitheater Construction- World War II week by week

The battle of Stalingrad raged on as San Luis Obispo dedicated a new Odd Fellows hall. Telegram-Tribune Sept. 18, 1942

Sept. 10, 1942 Gas rationing was the recommendation of committee charged with managing the nation’s rubber supply. They reported to President Roosevelt that a national speed limit of 35 miles an hour was needed and they wanted to reduce the annual national average driving distance from 6,700 to 5,000 miles. According to 2011 statistics from …

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Sep 08

End of the line for the Pacific Coast Railway Company, World War II week by week

Herbert Lawrence Block better known as Herblock was beginning his career as a cartoonist with the Newspaper Enterprise Association. He would win a Pulitzer Prize in 1942 and later be the Washinton Post's editorial cartoonist.

America needed steel to build tanks, trucks, landing craft, ships, aircraft, and machine guns. Not only was the nation gearing up to fight a war on two fronts but it was also filling the arsenals of Great Britain and the Soviet Union. The Axis powers had several years head start and some key raw materials …

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Sep 01

Amphibious Training Base in Morro Bay, World War II week by week

August 28, 1942 Telegram-Tribune tells of an accident at Morro Rock that killed a construction worker. A Navy amphibious landing training facility was being built there.

The third anniversary of the outbreak of war in Europe was coming up on September 1 and the Telegram-Tribune had a special supplement including precious maps due out that day. Word was put out before one of Franklin Roosevelt’s fireside chats early in the war that listeners ought to have an atlas handy to follow …

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Aug 26

Dimout ordered for the West Coast, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune August 18, 1942.

A county-wide dimout was ordered for the county as part of a West Coast program to limit navigation aids for enemy aircraft and ships. Barbecue fires were also restricted at night. American bombers flew in force over enemy territory in Europe as a new front was opened in the war against Germany. Bombing would now …

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Aug 13

LOL cats drink whiskey and play with yarn

Animal photographer Ylla allowed this yarn playing kitten to help sell Hiram Walker's Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Advertisement from August 20, 1942.

Gratuitous kitten photos didn’t start with the internet. This image is from an August 20, 1942 advertisement and the photographer is famous enough to be mentioned in the copy. Ylla (pronunced “eela” was the nom de plume of Camilla Koffler. The Hungarian born photographer immigrated to America when World War II engulfed Europe. Her speciality …

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Aug 07

Victory Sized ACME Beer helps win the war

ACME beer ad from the then Telegram-Tribune, August 8, 1942. Advertisers promoted patriotism as they sold their products.

Every advertiser wanted to look supportive of the war effort as America began to seriously turn toward military production. Gone are the pin-up girls and claims of “Dietetically Non-Fattening” from last years ad campaign. Scrap metal was being collected to make everything from bullets to Liberty ships. Sugar, rubber, gasoline and steel were among the …

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