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Apr 09

Morro Bay Power Plant parts on parade

INCHING THROUGH MORRO BAY... The huge generator stator, aboard its 82-tire trailer, touched state highway 1 for the last time as it crossed the coast route at Sixth street in Morro Bay yesterday afternoon. As workmen tediously continued to pick up and put down planks under the 220-ton load, Beyla Truck company's big truck tractor inched the steel giant closer to its destination, the PG&E power plant opposite Morro rock. Curious groups of Morro Bay residents lined the path of the heavy equipment as it approached a short but steep hill leading down to the waterfront level where Bechtel corporation is building the power plant. Three large trucks and a heavy winch unit later were used to anchor and ease the load down the grade. It was delivered safely, without mishap last night after an eight-day move from Camp San Luis Obispo's railroad siding. (©T-T photo) published December 24, 1954

Happy Jack’s bar is at the left as workers use poles to keep the equipment from snagging on utility lines. The explosive growth in California after World War II put a strain on utilities to keep up with demand. The power plant in Morro Bay was one of several new electric generation facilities that PG&E …

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Nov 01

The Last Giants World Series win – 1954


A long time ago, in a city far, far away…. the Giants last won the World Series. How long ago? In 1954… Baseball was still THE national pastime. The World Series was played in October, often in daylight. New York was home to the Giants. Fox was a movie studio. 3D CinemaScope was going to …

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Aug 06

Oilport, before it was Shell Beach part-1


This story comes from the Centurama editions of the then Telegram-Tribune published May 14, 1954. Several 8 page special sections were published that month to celebrate the history of the county and the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of San Luis Obispo. Ill-Fated Oilport Refinery Operated for Only Two Weeks One of San Luis Obispo’s …

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Apr 07

Chong’s homemade candies

Early day candy-making stove used by Chong may become a planter and be on display at the new Archimedia store in the Chong building. Published Jan. 4, 1979. Photo by Wayne Nicholls ©2010 The Tribune

Richard Chong’s home made candy store has been fondly remembered by regular readers of this column. The brick building at the corner of Palm and Chorro streets was a favorite stop for many. There were several articles in the file. My favorite was this one was published November 28, 1974 written by Telegram-Tribune staff writer …

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Feb 11

You’ll Like Lucky-the Aged Beer


November 8, 1954 The big band leader’s tag line was “Swing and sway with Sammy Kaye”. This beer promotion gives a new  outlook on his tag line. Sammy Kaye was a big band leader who got his career started in the 1930s. He was originally based in New York but also made movie, radio and …

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Apr 21

Nuss Pool opens

With the recent hot weather a trip to the pool sounds like a good idea. Sharon Morem turned up this print of the Nuss Pool that used to be on the San Luis Obispo High School campus. Nuss Memorial Pool was built in 1954 as a joint project of the school, the city, county and …

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