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Feb 14

Morro Bay Power Plant

PG&E's Morro Bay Powerplant. The first smokestack. From 7-7-1955 dedication edition of the Telegram-Tribune

When the Morro Bay Power Plant generated its first kilowatt it was an engineering marvel, even if it had only one smokestack. The special section published July 7, 1955 as the plant built by PG&E plant opened contains a lot of eye openers. According to the Bechtel advertisement the plant’s desalting component was believed to …

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Oct 26

Armageddon in the sky, nuclear testing

March 29, 1955 The pre-dawn stillness of the Nevada desert was torn with a brilliant flash followed by a shock wave and roar. Atop a 500 foot steel tower, atoms collided violently at 4:55 am. A mushroom cloud lifted into pre-dawn sky, a small sun so powerful that the glow was "plainly visible" in San …

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May 06

Morro Bay Power Plant smokestack

THE STACK IS HIGH…This dramatic photo of a rigger, Arval Ady, dangling 15 feet below the top of PG&E's 450-foot smokestack was taken last March by Telegram-Tribune photographer Fen Truebridge who had just previously been hoisted up through the giant chimney's brick-lined interior. The power plant building is shown at the top left. This picture …

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Oct 17

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, 1955 Men’s fashion

November 2, 1955 Telegram-Tribune ad

Dave Berg was a cartoonist for Mad magazine for more than 40 years. He created the magazine’s feature “The Lighter Side of” feature that poked fun of current sociology. He would regularly draw friends and family members. One of the recurring characters was the pipe smoking dad. His drawings looked like ordinary people and some …

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Aug 03

Fabulous Aerodynamic Styling – Plymouth 1956

November 2, 1955 With all the current excitement over the Cash for Clunkers program, here is a look at a vintage car ad. This is genuine Detroit iron and was the most up to date style of the day. Propeller aircraft had gone the way of the biplane, jets were the modern item. Everything in …

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Jun 19

James Dean Death an Accident Jury Finds

Rick Young of Los Angeles closes one eye and tries to line up a photographic transparency of the James Dean accident with the hills above James Dean Junction. This was the 50th anniversary of the fatal crash.
©The Tribune/David Middlecamp

I attended the 50th anniversary of the fatal crash September 30, 2005. It was a surreal scene, replica cars, a James Dean impersonator and the actor’s fans arrived at the memorial in Cholame then drove to the remote intersection where the accident  took place. Fans walked along with little children on the busy highways trying …

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