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Mar 08

Carry a block of ice or advertise? Choose wisely

This ad from April 6, 1957 seemed to say, "If it wasn't for advertising we would all be carrying 50 pound blocks of ice on our backs."

This ad was a reminder to some adults of the 1950s to recall childhood. It skips over a key point. Before people could have refrigerators, utility lines had to be installed to houses. Very often the utility company bought advertising to expand the franchise as you can see from this 1907 ad. Gas stoves and …

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Jul 29

Union Hardware Store ad

1957 Union Hardware Store ad.

There aren’t may left. Most of the little local hardware stores have been absorbed by the big box home improvement and national superstores. No weekend is complete without a trip to the hardware store; I even made 4 trips during my vacation. O.K. I may have a problem. This advertisement from June 6, 1957 for …

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Jul 13

De Soto or DeSoto? Automobile advertising from 1957

De Soto advertisement from 1957.

It is a bad sign when a car company can’t agree on how to spell its own name in an advertisement. Is there a space in between De Soto or not? This ad from March 12, 1957 has it both ways. The company was founded as a mid-price brand by Walter Chrysler with the first …

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Jun 15

Don’t drink and flash, Olympia beer ad

Olympia Beer ad from March 13, 1957 Telegram-Tribune.

So, it’s the end of the week. Time to set down the camera and flashbulb and try to find a can opener. This ad is a parade of dead technology, tin can without a pull tab, metal screw top film can, flash bulb, film camera. I’m not sure how they filled the glass, perhaps they …

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Apr 16

Poly Royal 25, birth of the West Coast’s first Geodesic Dome

FIRST IN THE WEST... Poly Royal visitors will see the west coast's first permanent geodesic dome, erected as a senior project by majors in the architectural engineering department. Based on an "infinitely expandable principle," the structure can be used to cover baseball parks, stadiums and similar establishments—is seen by its originator, famous architect R. Buckminister Fuller as an Indoors-outdoors home of the future. Plans for the Poly dome call for eventual lining with plastic as an architectural display and exhibit hall. Originally published April 25, 1957  ©The Tribune

How old is the Geodesic Dome in Poly Canyon and how much did it cost? The structure has weathered rain, wind, earthquakes and grazing cattle over the years and still is an inspiration when you visit it. It has survived better than newer structures in the canyon now being restored or allowed to fall to …

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