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Jul 24

Visit historic old Port Harford, admission $1

CONTROVERSIAL SIGN...Erection of the above sign at the entrance of Port San Luis was the subject of discussion at the county supervisors'meeting Monday, and has been the cause of numerous calls from would-be visitors who complain of the "toll" prescribed by the property owner, Elton Tognazzini. He maintains the toll is necessary to pay for the guards, who in turn keep out the trespassers and thus protect his policy with an insurance company which insisits on protection for the area. In spite of the protests against the action Tognazzini claims the sign "is there to stay." (Telegram-Tribune photo) Published July 7, 1959.

Harford Pier is the only pier in the county that the public can regularly drive on, though apparently if you have a whale to return to the ocean, the Avila Beach pier is the one to use. Fishing, restaurants or taking a stroll to check out the seals, there always seems to be someone on …

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Mar 17

Wool swimsuit by Gantner of California


Some words should never be next to each other. Take “wool swimsuit” for example. Wool+swimsuit is wrong in so many ways, I have to limit the list to 5. Wool = Scratchy. Every sweater I got from both grandmas were like that. Smells like wet sheep when wet. This should not surprise anyone. Wool shrinks …

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Dec 17

Happy 50th Birthday Grover Beach

1893 Grover, er, Huntington Beach promotional poster

December 21, 1959 The city of Grover Beach was born 50 years ago this month with an election tally of 636 votes in favor and 380 against. It is the only city in the county that can not expand by annexation as it is surrounded by Oceano, Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach. According to the …

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Dec 15

West Coast Land Company, when land was $15 an acre

The West Coast Land Company was a major advertiser of the late 1800's.

May 14, 1890 Recent stories have featured included new proposals for development near San Miguel and the nationwide speculative real estate bubble that burst affecting hard money lenders and their investors. Over the decades the only constant in the market has been that it does not go in the same direction forever. One of the …

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Dec 05

Sierra Vista Hospital turns 50


Sierra Vista Hospital was born December 7, 1959 and celebrates it’s golden anniversary.

Oct 31

Southern Pacific Lark trains collide on Cuesta Grade

May 11, 1959 The Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society just held a five day gathering at the the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Luis Obispo. The event program featured the logo from the now defunct Lark overnight train. A spectacular accident halted rail service in 1959. If you need proof that we are mid-way …

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Oct 30

Sheriff’s Honor Farm opened

TRIAL RUN…Capt. Miles Sanders, left, is just pretending to pour that cup of coffee for sheriff Paul Merrick as son Randy looks on. Sanders conducted the sheriff and his boy on a final inspection tour of the soon-to-be-opened “honor camp” where most of the county jail inmates will soon be sent to serve their sentences. …

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Sep 16

Communist Tourist Nikita Khrushchev visits San Luis Obispo

An estimated 2,500 people crowded the railroad station in San Luis Obispo to see Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Photos courtesy San Luis Obispo County Historical Society September, 20, 1959 If you did not live through it you won’t have the memory of the unspoken cloud of fear touching your life in unexpected ways. My clearest …

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Apr 01

Dali Lama escapes


April 1959 Fifty years ago there was a lot report on. On April 3 the Telegram-Tribune reported the Dali Lama escaped to India after a 15-day march through the rugged mountains of Tibet. He walked with 80 followers eluding of the Communist Chinese Army. The headline calls him a king but the story is more …

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Nov 21

Monterey Street 1959


November 1959 Though the writing on the print says 1949, this view of Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo is likely 10 years later. Both the Battle of Midway starring Cliff Robertson and the Crimson Kimono shared the bill on the Obispo Theater. They were released in 1959. The cars look like 1950’s era cars. …

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