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Jul 04

The Eagle of Freedom or Jim Crow?

Bill Mauldin penned this political cartoon published in the Telegram-Tribune Sept. 12, 1963.

Artist Bill Mauldin was a master of communicating complicated concepts and emotions with a few sharply drawn visual symbols. He could draw in a single frame what would take lawyers pages of words. Mauldin first came to popular attention with his cartoons of the dog-faced GI’s – Willie and Joe – during World War II. …

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Jun 26

Downtown Morro Bay 1963

Downtown Morro Bay 1963 ©The Tribune.

Feb 27

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, guiding the way to San Simeon

AN OLD VIEW...The Piedras Blancas Light Station grounds looked like this a long time ago. The light keepers dwelling in the foreground has been removed and is now a private residence in Cambria. Most of these older structures have been removed or torn down to make way for modern living quarters for the Coast Guard force manning the station and their families. This old photograph was provided by the San Luis Obispo County Museum and is from the remarkable Irene Carpenter Collection of Historic San Luis Obispo County pictures.

In our present era of GPS location finding, a lighthouse is a relic of man’s attempt to impose order on the chaos of nature. By the 1970s the remaining manned lighthouses were converted to automated stations ending what had been a century old occupation in some locations. Light keepers would faithfully clean lenses and light …

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Jan 03

Blasting Highway 101 near Pismo Beach

MOUNTAIN MOVERS...Giant explosion rips away outcropping of stubborn rock during fill operations at the new Avila Beach road undercrossing site adjacent to U.S. Highway 101 on Wednesday afternoon. The charge, biggest shot in the project so far, scattered huge boulders for hundreds of feet. Traffic was backed up for more than a mile as workers took 15 minutes to clear the rubble from the roadway. ©The Tribune

We take it for granted, passing by at 65 miles per hour. The notch in the hill between San Luis Creek and Pismo Beach is not a natural feature, it been shaped and carved. On Sept. 26, 1963 Telegram-Tribune staff writer Tom Harris wrote about the work: New Route for 101 The face-lifting job freeway …

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Jun 18

New traffic lights downtown San Luis Obispo

NEW SIGNAL LIGHTS...Workmen today were busily mounting seven new signal lights on Monterey, Higuera and Marsh streets in San Luis Obispo. Scheduled for operation later this month, the synchronized signals are expected to improve the flow of traffic. San Luis Obispo City administrative officer Dick Miller said that a study is being made for other lights.

This just in from the April 9, 1963 edition of the Telegram-Tribune. NEW SIGNAL LIGHTS…Workmen today were busily mounting seven new signal lights on Monterey, Higuera and Marsh streets in San Luis Obispo. Scheduled for operation later this month, the synchronized signals are expected to improve the flow of traffic. City administrative officer Dick Miller …

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Jun 04

Building a house is a moving experience

Arnold Teague chuckles about years of building a home from his collection of scraps and memorabilia. ©Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

Some stories almost tell themselves, they have a durable and classic form that has stood the test of time. One of the classic story forms is David and Goliath, the young nimble and smart upstart surprises the strong but inflexible giant, or the dreamer who finds whimsy in everyday tasks. On July 19, 1980 Telegram-Tribune …

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Apr 13

Death takes no holiday, wrecks on the highway

Highway safety public service advertisment, "Death takes no Holiday", Telegram-Tribune December 31, 1963.

The old classic cars are wonderful to look at but you wouldn’t want to crash one. A popular myth is that solid iron will protect you in a wreck. The solid construction transmits much of the crash energy to the occupants. Without crumple zones, seats with headrests, seatbelts, airbags, anti-lock brakes and a host of …

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Jan 01

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the 1963 and 2013 staffs of the Tribune.

Jun 08

Morro Bay Aerial circa 1963

Aerial of Morro Rock, power plant and harbor from August 29, 1963.© The Tribune Conspiracy theories. I recall fielding a call several years back from a subscriber who insisted that the newspaper had run a doctored photo. This was way back in the film days, when photoshop included chemicals and a darkroom. She insisted that …

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Jun 06

The amazing new self-opening beer can: the birth of the pull tab

Telegram-Tribune Burgermiester beer ad touting the invention of the pull tab opener April 18, 1963 ©The Tribune When was the last time you popped open a frosty beverage? Send your thank-you cards care of Ermal Fraze. The idea would be worth a fortune. He forgot to bring the "church key" can opener to a picnic …

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