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Jan 10

How many college football bowl games were there in 1964? Can you name them?

The December 31, 1963 Telegram-Tribune outlines the New Year's day slate of bowl games for New Year's Day 1964.

He had no idea. When Fred Down wrote the college football bowl overview story in 1964 he called it a two-day football binge. How many bowl games were in existence then? Hint, you can count them on one hand. There were five. Can you name them? The answer is at the end. Today ESPN lists …

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Jan 07

School’s out forever, Adelaida one room schoolhouse closes

The last class to attend Adelaidia school poses for a class portrait on the last day of school Friday. Class members are, front left to right, Johnny Linn, Raymond Wiebe, Greg and Duane Juhl, and rear, Mike Harris. Mrs Janet Stull, left rear, teacher of the one-room school, plans to teach at Pozo elementary school next year (Telegram-Tribune photo)

As the breeze rustles through the branches of the orchard you can almost hear their voices. There are still a few one room school houses on narrow rural roads where yeomen farmers homesteaded. In the 1960s school districts were unifying, earthquake standards were being tightened, and school bus rides replaced the hearts of small communities. …

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Dec 01

1964 Christmas gift guide

Telegram-Tribune ad December 11, 1964 for Buy Rite Drug Store

Remember the 6 foot tall stainless aluminum trees? They always looked best when you had a color wheel light that would change the color of the tree every few seconds. A real bargain at $4.66. Famous Barbie & Ken dolls, 20% off marked prices. If it Mattel it’s swell! Poor Ken, always got second billing …

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Oct 05

Jon M. Lindbergh diving pioneer

Telegram-Tribune April 25, 1964

His father was a pioneer icon of aviation. His older brother arguably the most famous kidnap-murder victim in history. Jon M. Lindbergh could have faded into a quiet life but found his own pioneering path under the waves. The second son of Charles, explored world underwater as a commercial diver. The same single minded concentration …

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May 05

Farm Bureau fire

Firefighters mop up after fire destroys Farm Supply warehouse. © 2010 The Tribune/Jim Vestal

Travel through a town and you pass through areas that don’t match up with their surroundings. When something looks out of place I always wonder what the story was behind the change. Today 157 Higuera St. is a gas station next to Sunshine Donuts. Most of the other buildings nearby are steel warehouses. Until late …

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Apr 26

San Luis Obispo High openhouse

San Luis Obispo High School open house 1964

April 24, 1964 The 1960s was a golden era for school expansion. Population growth in the state, increased revenue (largely from PG&E property taxes on new local power plants) and a willingness to provide for the future all drove this trend. In the early 1900s it was not unusual for someone with an 8th grade …

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Jun 10

William Jefferson Ford sentenced to death


June 9, 1961 This week San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department marks a solemn anniversary, 48 years ago Deputy Sheriff Harvey Stahl, 40 of Paso Robles died in a struggle with a convict who had shot Creston man earlier in the day. Stahl was the second line-of-duty death since the department was created in 1850. …

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Feb 27

Nash and Datsun car ads

Detroit does not like to think small. When an auto executive looks down from the window of his jet he sees the rusty skeletons of failed small cars filling the junkyards. Nash became part of  AMC before the end came for the automaker. With the bigger automakers, the assembly line was shut down and retooled …

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Jan 02

1964 Higuera and Santa Rosa


1964 The fender bender is the reason the photo was made but what makes it interesting to day is how the background has changed.Judging from the location of the Fremont, Cerro San Luis and old courthouse buildings this is the corner of Higuera and Santa Rosa Streets. This block has changed with the addition of …

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Dec 22

1964 Christmas Parade, Monterey St.


ALL WRAPPED UP… John Somogyi gift wrapped himself for San Luis Obispo Christmas parade. December 14, 1964 Photographers go to a lot of parades. I mean we photograph a LOT of parades. The late-lamented Mardi Gras, a great parade. Epic. It had creativity, color, energy and the understanding that if you have a parade at …

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