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Apr 23

Atascadero State Hospital inmate stories

"In the long run a state hospital is worse than a prison, "  ASH patient. Published 11-20-1965 as part of a multi-part series on Atascadero State Hospital. Jim Vestal/Telegram Tribune.

I have been told by some who work in a prison setting, they prefer not to know an inmate’s history. All they can deal with is the now. It could be overwhelming to reflect on the combined damage a group of mental health patients had caused. In the mid-sixties a then new approach included group …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas, 1965 from the Telegram-Tribune

December 28, 1965 Season's greetings, from the Telegram-Tribune.

Regular readers of the Telegram-Tribune and Photos From the Vault recognize the names from the Editorial Department. About 20 years after this 1965 house ad was published I would work with Eudora (Dorie) Bentley, George Brand and Carol Roberts. Readers of this blog have enjoyed looking at the pictures made by Jim Vestal and Jack …

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Nov 30

The Roaring 20s, world class motor racing at Exposition Park

R.E. Heidorn takes a walk along the old banked curve of the once famous San Luis Obispo auto racing course. Contours of the only one-mile track were still visible along South Street in 1965. © The Tribune

Automobile engines were what put the roar into the Roaring 20s. In San Luis Obispo a palace to the newfangled automobile was constructed between two monuments of the railway, it was called Exposition Park. The roundhouses for the Southern Pacific and the Pacific Coast Railway were near opposite ends of South Street. The narrow gauge …

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Mar 20

Reddy Kilowatt, at your service

Advertisement for PG&E from June 12, 1965 with a good looking stove and a good cooking woman. Better living through technology.

This July 12, 1965 advertisement shows Pacific Gas and Electric still more comfortable in the Eisenhower Age of the previous decade rather than the soon to be psydellic 1960s. But then again this ad wasn’t aimed at Jerry Garcia or John Lennon. I have written about the culture gap sometimes seen in ads of the …

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Mar 19

Olive orchard moved to Laguna Lake

Workers prepare to move an olive tree from the Tartaglia ranch to Laguna Lake. © Jim Vestal/Telegram-Tribune

Olive trees were introduced to California landscape during the founding of the missions. Olive oil performs sacred, culinary and utilitarian roles. There are dozens of biblical references to the olive, and oil is still used to anoint the faithful. Stories surrounding the olive predate the Bible going back to early Greek and Roman history. Mediterranean …

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Mar 05

Cab rides to Hearst Castle, Steve Zegar saw it all

Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst is shown with Marion Davies, movie star in Bad Nauheim, Germany in August 1931. (AP Photo)

Steve Zegar was the first man to drive up the grassy sides of Hearst’s Enchanted Hill, before there was a Castle, or even a road. Now that is someone with a story. A story that had to wait decades to be told. Zegar maintained his relationship with Hearst and newspaper and movie mogul’s friends by …

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Oct 19

Hollister Adobe, at Cuesta College campus

Interior view of Hollister Adobe at Camp San Luis Obispo, later Cuesta College. © Telegram-Tribune Jim Vestal How do you build a house without nails? In the early 1800s steel nails were costly, individually hand made by a blacksmith with raw material that came in by ship. You may want to skip that expense. Rawhide, …

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May 31

Montana de Oro — trails opened

Labeled "Rancho Montana 1965" from the files of The Tribune. ©The Tribune Moñtana de Oro was a new state park in 1965. There were several articles in the early 60s leading up to the purchase of the park for public use. Local state senator Vernon Sturgeon was one of the leaders who pushed for funding …

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Apr 11

Last call for Ferdinand the fire horn

Ferdinand the fire horn is retired and the 100 foot tall tower is dismantled at the San Luis Obispo fire house. ©The Tribune 12-5-1965 From the December 2, 1965 front page of the then Telegram-Tribune: Fire horn Ferdinand is retired Only memories remain of Ferdinand today. Six years and 14 days have passed since the …

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Dec 30


1965 Telegram-Tribune New Year's advertising

Would you entrust your newborn infant to a seat called the Kiddie-napper? Call me old fashioned but I prefer child care items aren’t named after felonies. First baby of the year was a big deal in 1965. I’m not sure if the then Telegram-Tribune organized the effort or if it was a chamber of commerce …

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