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Mar 07

Ernst Brothers storehouse and Sperry Flour Mill, Paso Robles

Ernst Brothers grain warehouse slated for demolition.

Wheat was once among the royalty of the cash crops in the region but now it is not even in the top 20. Look at the list of agricultural products in the 2011 crop statistics report put out by the county and very little of it is dry land farming. One of those end of …

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Feb 06

Demolition and partial reconstruction of the Murray Adobe


In an Elliot Curry bylined story from March 7, 1967 the shape of Mission Plaza was under debate. The mayor, Clell Whelchel, was skeptical about closing Monterey Street. He wanted to use gas tax funds and keep the street open. Would the Murray adobe become victim of a street-widening proposal? Loren Nicholson, president of the …

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Jan 29

Name that adobe

The Murray Adobe in 1967, before Mission Plaza was built.

This week a little different format, the photo is a bit of a mental scavenger hunt. Can you name this building?

Sep 12

The Telegram-Tribune building falls over, or did it jump?

Model T cars can be seen in the showroom window. The former W.T. Reid Ford dealership at 1240 Morro Street would later be a newspaper office from 1924-1958 including the Telegram-Tribune. ©The Tribune

Can a brick and mortar building have feelings or a soul? Long time writer Elliot Curry wrote an elegy for the former home of the Telegram-Tribune on Nov. 11, 1967: After deadline T-T’s old home coming down Another “deadline has come around at 1240 Morro Street. The old home of the Telegram-Tribune is coming down. …

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Jun 19

Sir Francis Drake, the pirate of Pirate’s Cove

Carl Kreighbaum, left, and Richard Dobson look over square holes cut in rock which they believe were made there by Sir Francis Drake's men in 1579.  ©The Tribune

I had a foolproof method to get rich in fourth grade. Poring over a Scholastic Book Club catalog I discovered a paperback that promised the locations of sunken ships and buried treasure. This was just too easy. For a couple of weeks allowance and another week of finger crossed delivery anticipation, then it would just …

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Oct 14

Santa Ynez Chumash Indian Reservation in 1967

Joaquin and Louisa Pina on the Santa Ynez Indian reservation. ©Jim Vestal/Telegram-Tribune It is estimated that when the first Spaniards came to Alta California there were 300,000 Native American residents. By 1900 the aboriginal California Indian population was estimated at less than 16,000. By any measure an astonishing decline in a mere 131 years since …

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Oct 03

Ronald Reagan raises taxes

Ronald Reagan asked for higher taxes and got them. Not just a little. Not just a few. This 1967 story called it the largest raise ever requested by any governor in the nation. Not just one tax. Sales tax, income tax, corporation tax, bank maximum tax, cigarette tax, liquor tax and levees on cigars and …

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