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Dec 28

You can leave your hat off, changing fashion in the 1960s

The manitilla used to be common church attire.

Covering the head is a religious custom that can vary depending on doctrine, degree of orthodoxy, local practice and the tenor of the time. Orthodox Jewish men and boys wear the yarmulke. Conservative Muslim women don the hijab. In the late 1960s among the many changes in the air was the lacy mantilla falling out …

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Dec 27

Howard Jack, editor of the San Luis Obispo Breeze

Howard Jack, rancher and and in his teen years editor of the Breeze. Published August 7, 1969 in the Telegram-Tribune.

What happened to the Breeze? Last week the story of 19th century Tribune and Breeze editor George Staniford was told. When Staniford passed away in 1903 his former newspaper the Breeze soon came under the helm of Howard Jack. The name may sound familiar; Howard’s father, land developer and rancher R.E. Jack built the Jack …

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Sep 11

Abalone relocated from Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

Divers on the Lot'a Fun prepare to move abalone off of Diablo Canyon before construction of the breakwater. ©David Ranns/Telegram-Tribune

Man outsmarts nature. It is a storyline that mankind has been working ever since the first tool was made from a stick, stalk or stone. Currently Pacific Gas & Electric is attempting to study the underwater fault lines offshore from their nuclear power plant at Diablo Canyon. Whale and fishing advocates say the study will …

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Aug 31

Finely aged news from 1876

Everything old is news again, a newspaper from 1876 is rediscovered in 1969. ©Michael Raphael/Telegram-Tribune

The joke told in my business is that all of our best work from yesterday is either wrapping fish or training puppies. Even butter has a longer shelf life than news. Unless it hangs around long enough to become history. Then it becomes interesting again as this June 4, 1969 photo and story by Michael …

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Jul 27

Crowning Miss San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County Fair

Fair director Bill Hartzell crowns Paulette Camsuzou as maid of San Luis Obispo County August 13, 1969. ©Telegram-Tribune Photo by Mike Raphael

Fair season is a time to suspend the normal rules. Go ahead, wear high heels with a swim suit. Have a rock concert in a rodeo arena. Stand in line for just about everything. Wear clean white pants while leading around livestock. See livestock that are groomed better than one or more spectators. Deep fry …

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Mar 06

Remembering those who served

Ronald Reagan visits Cal Poly San Luis Obispo March 26, 1969.

Cal Poly corrected an oversight this week by remembering two alumni who died while serving the country. Their names were added this week to the plaques at Cal Poly’s War Memorial Plaza. The plaza is located between the administration building and university union with the large bronze mustang. Army Captain Larry Dean Baldwin died March …

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Jan 20

Santa Margarita crime wave

Downtown Santa Margarita in 1969 looks much like 2012. Store fronts along G street. Michael Raphael ©The Tribune

It would not take much to return Santa Margarita to the 1960s. Only in the last year or two has the building with the Royal Crown billboard been torn down. This photo was made by Michael Raphael to accompany a story about a mini-crime wave in town. Published May 29, 1969 the story outlined how …

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Dec 26

Shipwrecked California gold, Yankee Blade sinks near Pt. Arguello

ORNATE PIECE OF BRASS SEES DAYLIGHT ONCE AGAIN It was salvaged by Andy Anderson, left, Dick Smith and Harvy Clemens. ©David Ranns/Telegram-Tribune published 9-15-1969

Point Arguello has haunted the nightmares of ship captains and navigators for centuries. As recently as 1963, a 1500 ton freighter ran aground there. In 1923, twenty-three sailors were killed with seven U.S. Navy destroyers piled up on the rocks at Point Honda. In 1854 the Yankee Blade steam paddle ship was southbound carrying $153,000 …

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Jul 20

From Buck to Brittany – headliners at the Mid-State Fair

Britney Spears performs at the Mid-State Fair in 1999. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune I always thought the cartoon mule featured on the television show "Hee Haw" was a contrivance to connect to a rural audience. Guess I was wrong. According to Buck Owen's official website his connection he grew up on a farm outside Sherman, Texas. …

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Nov 23

John D. Hurst, WWII fighter pilot

Swift Aire chief pilot John D. Hurst shot down 9 German aircraft as a WWII P-38 fighter pilot. Published 9-17-1969 ©The Tribune

The chief pilot for Swift Aire, John D. Hurst, was a World War II fighter ace. He flew the twin engined P-38 Lightning in Europe. The aircraft had a good record in the tropical Pacific but in the colder European theater it proved less than ideal. Though the fighter aircraft had excellent range and powerful …

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