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Feb 06

Demolition and partial reconstruction of the Murray Adobe


In an Elliot Curry bylined story from March 7, 1967 the shape of Mission Plaza was under debate. The mayor, Clell Whelchel, was skeptical about closing Monterey Street. He wanted to use gas tax funds and keep the street open. Would the Murray adobe become victim of a street-widening proposal? Loren Nicholson, president of the …

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Jan 30

Name that Adobe, more hints

The Murray Adobe in June 1971 in Mission Plaza. ©Wayne Nicholls/The Tribune

In 1967 the city council was trying to decide if it wanted to keep over century-old adobe. It was the birthplace of the oldest continually operating business in the county. Do you know what building this is? In 1967 the city council was trying to decide if it wanted to keep an over 100-year-old adobe …

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Dec 04

Hare Krishna at Cal Poly

MUSIC—Krishna follower sounds his tiny cymbals at Cal Poly. Followers of the Krishna creed visit the steps of the University Union at Cal Poly from Santa Barbara.© The Tribune/ Wayne Nicholls

I first saw them at airports in the early 1970s. Serene, chanting and gliding in white robes called dhoti,  they were quite a contrast to the rushed business attired travelers. It seemed odd to me then that they would spend so much time in airports and never seemed in a hurry to go anywhere. Often …

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Oct 12

Pulling the plug, fire plug

RELIC OF RAMONA FIRE— Mrs. Louisiana Dart, County Museum curator, left, and Mrs. Mildred DiPaolo examine fire hydrant from Ramona Hotel corner. ©The Tribune-Wayne Nicholls

The Ramona hotel was a luxury destination, host to presidents and the dream of land speculators who thought “If you build a fancy hotel they will come, and buy our land, making us rich. Moooohahahahahaaaaaaaa.” Ok, I may have made up that quote, but I’m pretty sure the general drift is accurate. The all too …

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Nov 13

And the icing on the cake? She likes guns

June 10, 1971 This just in from the Appearances Can Be Deceiving Desk: Don’t pick on your baker. She may be able shoot more than butter cream icing. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Focus story by Jim Hayes and the photos by Larry Jamison. Little lady packs a big bang Dee Adamson …

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Oct 24

Vietnam War Protest

ARRESTED– San Luis Obispo police officer Preston Simmons takes Richard Birchler to patrol car after he was arrested for obstructing traffic at Higuera and Garden May 6, 1971 Today’s young generation sees the word hippie and often gloss the era with thoughts of Halloween costumes or style choices. There was an earnestly moral activist component …

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Sep 01

Southern Pacific Railroad Depot Destroyed

August 13, 1971 The people who love trains love everything about them, the history, the stories, the memorabilia. The folks who run railroads, not so sentimental. At one time the Southern Pacific was San Luis Obispo’s leading industry. It was literally and figuratively the engine that drove the area’s growth for decades after it arrived …

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Aug 30

Cuesta Grade Truck hangs in the balance

  July 7, 1971 The Cuesta  Grade has gone through at least two major remodels since these photos were made. A divider was added and then more recently the road expanded to three lanes. It was a wild road with a single lane in each direction before it was expanded in the 1930′s. Here is …

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Aug 25

Sophisticated Hot Pants Macrame, order now!

May 15, 1971 Remember macramé? It was huge in the 1970′s. Clothes, hammocks, hanging plants it seemed like everything but swim suits could be made by knotting yarn. Yeah, there’s a art I can manage. Never was good at weaving but tying knots, I might be able to pull that off. Does getting yarn tangled …

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Aug 23

Diablo Reactor vessel

July 12, 1971 Earlier this month Diablo Canyon showed off a new reactor vessel head. The massive 70-ton unit took three weeks to travel by highway from Mt. Vernon Indiana. Quoting David Sneed’s copy The vessel head is one of the main components of a nuclear reactor and maintains pressure within the water cooled reactor. …

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