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Jun 04

Museum of printing, Shakespeare Press Museum at Cal Poly

ARMSTRONG POWER — Co-curator Emerson Hunt, a junior from Covina, turns the crank of the 90 year old Campbell cylinder press as Paiva feeds the paper. The press came 'round the Horn, was used by a San Francisco newspaper before the earthquake.
© The Tribune Wayne Nicholls

Johannes Gutenberg’s 15th century printing of the bible is a masterpiece, the first book published in volume, but he was a business failure. The genius German goldsmith, inventor of the Gutenberg press went into debt and an argument with his business partner doomed the venture. According to the NPR radio show Planet Money, other printers …

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Nov 29

Joseph Giannini, Marine Service and Equipment

Giannini Marine Service and Equipment, a landmark in Morro Bay and bellweather of the fishing business is closing. from the left Elieen Giannini Joe Anderson and Joe Romley talk over what makes a good custom fishing lure.©The Tribune/David Middlecamp 04/5/06

Fishing was once the center of Morro Bay life. Many water color paintings have been made of picturesque boats tied up at the dock. Over the years fish populations have changed. Scientists and fishermen argue over the numbers but it is clear that, for example numbers like the 2,000,000 abalone harvested in  1962 are no …

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Mar 02

Reading Skills

San Miguel third grader Danny Roetteger, above, feels sounds as he speaks syllables, assisted by a volunteer teacher's aide, Lois Arnett.

When was the last time you saw this help wanted ad? “Ideal candidate will be functionally illiterate and unable to learn. Salary commensurate with lack of skills.” If you just read it, you don’t qualify. The only growth industry that illiteracy contributes to are prisons. Many inmates have trouble reading. We can all agree that …

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Sep 29

Air crash kills two on Cuesta campus

April 9, 1972 Both Cal Poly and Cuesta College had active airfield runways at one time. I recall having a conversation with a pilot who said that the instructions for the Cal Poly runway said to beware of wandering livestock. Poly’s runway was near the Aeronautical unit now the baseball field. The Camp San Luis …

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Sep 13

RCA Record club

April 8, 1972 Remember how hard the record companies fought joining online music sales? They were afraid that 99 cents for a song was going to drive them out of business, or end the world as we know it. They don’t have to print the album or distribute it today, just sent out a stream …

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Aug 01

1972 Diablo Construction & County aerials


September 20, 1972 These photos are from a set of aerial photos made for development stories throughout the county. The early 1970′s brought a wave of development to the area as Cal Poly expanded and workers flooded in to build a power plant. Construction was underway at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. At least …

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