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Jul 09

Kursk Tank Battle, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune July 9, 1943.

In local news, Marine pilot Lt. George Langston of Atascadero was credited with downing a Japanese bomber in fighting over Guadalcanal. Receipts at the San Luis Obispo Post Office broke an all time record since it became a first class post office in 1921. The January-June period exceeded even the busy holiday season with $54,742.55 …

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Apr 03

Where have all the flowers gone?

The World War I field artillery piece in front of San Luis Obispo's Veterans Memorial Building on Grand Avenue had an unusually pacific look today—garlands of posies, including one hibiscus bloom right smack in the blooming muzzle. Published July 12, 1973.
Wayne Nicholls, Telegram-Tribune

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Mar 01

SLO Uncovered – Pirate’s Cove, the naked truth about the origin of a nude beach

Pirate's Cove became known as a nude beach in the early 1970s.

Originally all the beaches in the county were clothing optional. According to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, traditional Chumash garb was a two-piece skirt for women and perhaps a belt for men. Then along came the Spanish friars and beach attire became more modest. When did Pirate’s Cove become the Mecca for nude …

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Feb 02

Murray Adobe in Mission Plaza

The first edition of the Tribune was printed here August 7, 1869. The Murray Adobe is much smaller than it was a few years earlier. The subject of the next posting.
©Wayne Nicholls/Telegram-Tribune Nov. 20, 1973

The previous two posts showed what the in the 1960s. By 1973 only the lean-to portion remained, the main house replaced by an arbor. What happened? The answer next week. By now you may recognize the building as the Murray Adobe, law office of Tribune founding editor Walter Murray. It is in Mission Plaza between …

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Mar 15

Diablo Canyon reactor vessel installed


Atomic energy was a growth industry in the 1960s. In San Luis Obispo County, nuclear electric plants were proposed on the Nipomo Dunes and near Cayucos before construction began at Diablo Canyon. The state was undergoing a dizzying growth cycle and utilities were moving to stay ahead of projected demand. PG&E had wanted to build …

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Feb 08

Midnight police patrol

Patrolman Robert Downey "Unloads" contraband from stopped car.

I had a request a few weeks back from Taylor Peterson asking if there were any photos in the files of old SLO PD police cars. This is the best I could find as of now, and the story indicates that the problems police face are similar today, almost 40 years later. Photos were by …

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Jan 12

The revolution will be televised


July 16, 1973 With apologies to poet Gil Scott-Heron, the revolution will be televised, and chances are the police will be running the cameras. At least that was the gist of the story published in the then Telegram-Tribune. The Sony reel to reel recording equipment looks archaic but make no mistake, society was taking the …

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Jun 15

Drip irrigation: A signifigant new development in water management

October 14, 1973 This story marked two trends bringing deep changes to the landscape of San Luis Obispo County. The first was drip irrigation, the second the explosion of the wine industry. It is not far fetched to argue that without drip irrigation wine would not be the number one cash crop in the county …

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Nov 22

1973 Undersea fault near Diablo Canyon


November 24, 1973 Time gets measured in different scales. Geologic time runs in cycles with spans of hundreds, thousands or millions of years, hard to put in a human context because the Earth’s pace is not a human pace. A few signposts of 1973: Richard Nixon was president, and the jaws of the Watergate scandal …

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