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Apr 29

Summertime living, backyard furniture

Essential spring and summer items from an August 1974 advertisement.

Now that spring seems to be on the way it may be time to pick up some back yard furniture. A folding grill for less than $4.00, three different kinds of pools, priced from $3.77 to $88. Time to head to Grants and pick up what appear to be essential and long lasting items. Grant …

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Apr 11

What’s shakin’? Almond harvesting near Shandon

Almond leaves and nuts fall to ground as Fernando Tabin operates mechanical almond tree shaker near Shandon. ©The Tribune/Larry Jamison

Technically you wouldn’t be nuts if you referred to almonds as a fruit. Almonds are the edible seeds of drupe fruits. The genus prunus includes plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and almonds. In fact where they are irrigated many almond trees grow on peach rootstock. You wouldn’t be nuts if you referred to Paso Robles as …

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Jun 14

Kennedy and Reagan at Cal Poly

Trumpeters in the Cal Poly band, Dave Castro and Agricultural-Business graduate Ted Hamm, ponder chess moves instead of commencement speeches. ©Telegram-Tribune photo Wayne Nicholls

Cal Poly’s 1974 commencement was presided over by a Kennedy and a Reagan. Robert E. Kennedy was president of the university, from 1967-1979. When Kennedy began his career at the school in 1940, graduates numbered in the low hundreds. The future president was hired as a teacher/public relations officer in 1940. Then Poly offered two …

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Apr 07

Chong’s homemade candies

Early day candy-making stove used by Chong may become a planter and be on display at the new Archimedia store in the Chong building. Published Jan. 4, 1979. Photo by Wayne Nicholls ©2010 The Tribune

Richard Chong’s home made candy store has been fondly remembered by regular readers of this column. The brick building at the corner of Palm and Chorro streets was a favorite stop for many. There were several articles in the file. My favorite was this one was published November 28, 1974 written by Telegram-Tribune staff writer …

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Apr 02

Ozzie Smith, an elusive image of a Cal Poly Star, Major League All-Star

Ozzie Smith plays in an alumni game before heading to the major leagues. These are the last photos of the Hall of Famer in a Cal Poly uniform. Photo by Tony Hertz

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the photo of a local baseball legend in time for the opening of the Major League Baseball season? A great idea, but Tribune photographer/lab technician Nick Lucero could not have anticipated the magnitude of the task he set for himself. Roughly 4,500 negative sleeves later, as hope dimmed, he …

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Oct 21

Readers Remember: Warehouse Sound

Today’s guest post is from Mr. Bill. He remembers when the image of the old railroad warehouse was a form of nirvana for people across the United States. When my family had moved away from California in the 1970′s we would get odd windows back to the Central Coast. A story about the Madonna Inn …

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Jul 22

Sheree Twisselman 1974 Maid of San Luis Obispo County

August 14, 1974 Summer is Fair season with the Santa Barbara County Fair finishing up and the Mid-State Fair opening. The  front page of the then Telegram-Tribune shows that 1974 President Richard Nixon had just resigned (five days earlier) and now President Gerald Ford was beginning to face his first challenges. Also on the front …

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Mar 14

Clamming in Morro Bay

Assistant Steve Schultz continues digging a shallow burrow started by John Fitch at Atascadero Beach during a clam census. January 10, 1974 The Pismo Clam is a part of the identity of Pismo Beach but the bivalve’s historic range is from Half Moon Bay to Baja California. It was an important part of the area’s …

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