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May 01

Origins of Halcyon, CA and Temple of the People

spherical triangle design of Temple of People has religious significance in Theosophy.

Paul Ivey will deliver a presentation based on his book “Radiance from Halcyon” a history of the Temple of the People. The program will take place Friday May 3 at 6 p.m. Meet at the IOOF Hall in Arroyo Grande at 128 Bridge Street (across from McLintock’s). Admission is free with a donation request in …

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Oct 01

Life sized Lionel Train, Southern Pacific engine at Monterey St.

Choo choo Toy manufacturers are making things more realistic all the time...or could it be real? It looks just like the Southern Pacific crossing above Monterey Street.  ©Thom Halls/Telegram-Tribune published Jan 22, 1977

•••••••• RAILFANS—The Central Coast Railroad Festival is coming Oct. 4-8, 2012. Events include five rail excursions and a first ever open house for the new San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum. ••••••••

Nov 02

The movie ‘Stunts’ films in San Luis Obispo

TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - A crowd gathers to watch actors Phil Adam, left, and Candy Rialson escape a stunt car on Monterey St during the filming of the movie 'Stunts.'

Today, it is done with digital magic. Glue a few ping-pong balls on a Lycra suit, have the actors stand in front of a green screen, turn on a fan to get the hair moving, roll the camera. Yeah, we’ll let post-production take care of the background. Sometimes, even the actor is optional. Back in …

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Nov 01

Pacific Stereo, words of advice before you buy any stereo

Pacific Stereo ad from the then Telegram-Tribune February 3, 1977.

Any worthwhile college town in the 1970s had more than one stereo store. A listening room with lights set low so the components could glow on the shelves. Bring in your favorite virgin vinyl albums to play on the turntable. One of the happiest places on earth. To be honest I never was one of …

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Jan 02

The very last baby, War Memorial Hospital – Paso Robles

Bedpans at Paso Robles Hospital up for  auction after it closed. 5-9-1977 ©The Tribune/Thom Halls

It is a rare thing to be the First Baby, even rarer to be the last. Jason Sturges came into the world as Paso Robles closed its hospital in February of 1977 as Twin Cities Hospital opened. Who were the twins that joined to form Twin Cities Hospital? The name was derived from Atascadero General …

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Oct 02

Captian Nitwit, Der Tinkerpaw, Art Beal architect of Nitwit Ridge

February 12, 1977 Telegram-Tribune

Captain Nitwit’s Cambria house was a dump, according to its crinkly, cranky, owner-designer-builder Art Beal. He began sculpting the rock of Nitwit Ridge, with dynamite, in 1928. Nitwit’s budget wasn’t as large as the newspaper baron building up the coast, but he made up for it with his physical strength and feisty demeanor. Both castles …

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Jun 16

Open wide, elephant caretaker

Caretaker Ray Ryan with Neena a 3-ton elephant.

Elephant breath checker? Pachyderm dentist? Sometimes you run across a photo that asks more questions than it answers. Fortunately the story published August 13, 1977 answers some questions. The photo at top was the A-1 teaser photo that invited readers to read the B-1 features section of the then Telegram-Tribune. Turns out Michael Jackson wasn’t …

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Apr 02

Ozzie Smith, an elusive image of a Cal Poly Star, Major League All-Star

Ozzie Smith plays in an alumni game before heading to the major leagues. These are the last photos of the Hall of Famer in a Cal Poly uniform. Photo by Tony Hertz

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the photo of a local baseball legend in time for the opening of the Major League Baseball season? A great idea, but Tribune photographer/lab technician Nick Lucero could not have anticipated the magnitude of the task he set for himself. Roughly 4,500 negative sleeves later, as hope dimmed, he …

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Oct 10

Dredging memories of Laguna Lake

  August 4, 1978 In his novel “East of Eden“, John Steinbeck spoke of a thirty year water cycle in the Salinas River Valley. Five or six wet years “…and the land would shout with grass.” Six or seven average years of rainfall would follow and then would come the dry years. “And it never …

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