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Dec 05

Flooding on South Higuera Street

Cal Poly instructor John Boyd eades along lower Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo Monday as he walks home because buses weren't running. ©Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

Humans like to build on flat level land. Problem is the water likes it too. We can go decades between floods in San Luis County but when a cloud bursts the results can be swift. Any time rain falls faster than one inch per hour flooding is likely to follow. Parts of South Higuera Street …

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Oct 22

Higuera Street 1978

Higuera Street looking east, October 24, 1978 ©The Tribune Wayne Nicholls.

These images from downtown San Luis Obispo show what was happening about 35 years ago.

Feb 03

Count Basie, jazz statesman

Count Basie waves good night to a standing ovation at Cuesta College. 9-18-1978 ©Thom Halls/Telegram-Tribune

William Basie did not have an easy path to success. His mother and father saved pennies to pay for music lessons. He began as a drummer in the school band and switched to piano in his teens. A good choice. His professional career began before he was 20 as a $3 a night piano player …

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Dec 22

Spurred on

Dime-store cowboy John Pereira, a Cal Poly student, rests in the saddle of a fantasy while scanning a leaflet at Madonna Plaza, San Luis Obispo yet keeps his feet grounded. ©The Tribune/Wayne Nicholls Published January 13, 1978

Aug 02

What do you want from life? The Tubes visit Cal Poly

The Tubes lead singer Fee Waybill sings at Cal Poly in a 1978 concert. ©2010 The Tribune/Thom Halls

Over a quarter century before Lady Gaga, the Tubes brought spectacle on a grand scale to the rock and roll stage. In 1975 the band released a self-titled debut album including the hit single White Punks on Dope. They won’t be appearing in a DARE commercial any time soon. At their peak the band had …

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Jul 18

All the trimmings

Dick Dyer prepares barrels of restaurant grease for separation of fat content form the water. Wayne Nicholls/Telegram-Tribune ©2010

Who thought locating a mobile home park downwind from a tallow plant was a good idea? San Luis Tallow Company has been located on Prado Road since 1939. The boom of mobile home park construction hit the county in the 1960s. By 1971 complaints were filed at the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department …

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Jun 17

LNG terminal proposed near Avila Beach


Avila Beach has long been the beach that locals go to. You can’t see it from the highway but the south facing beach can be sunny, less windy and warm when others are fogged in. It also has a history of being a gritty working town in as well as a vacation spot. Harford Pier, …

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May 16

Telegram-Tribune darkroom

Telegram-Tribune darkroom at the Johnson Ave. office before expansion. ©2010The Tribune/Thom Halls

May 5, 1978 When the then Telegram-Tribune moved into their Johnson Ave. location the building was designed from the ground up to be a newspaper office. It was a first for an organization that had previous homes in a former auto dealership or above a brewery in what is now Mission Plaza. The building was …

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Apr 14

Set the time machine to hot tub


A recent movie title inspired this post. San Luis Obispo County has for a long time been a destination for folks looking for hot mineral waters. Paso Robles has a heritage of being a hot springs destination. One of the pioneer national hot tub manufacturers, California Cooperage, was founded here in 1974 and included Sycamore …

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Apr 02

Ozzie Smith, an elusive image of a Cal Poly Star, Major League All-Star

Ozzie Smith plays in an alumni game before heading to the major leagues. These are the last photos of the Hall of Famer in a Cal Poly uniform. Photo by Tony Hertz

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the photo of a local baseball legend in time for the opening of the Major League Baseball season? A great idea, but Tribune photographer/lab technician Nick Lucero could not have anticipated the magnitude of the task he set for himself. Roughly 4,500 negative sleeves later, as hope dimmed, he …

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