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Feb 08

You can call me Al, Weird Al

"Weird Al" Yankovic and Jeopardy host Art Fleming during the "I lost on Jeopardy" video shoot. Publicity photo.

Find the path to international recording fame using this one weird trick. Record in the bathroom. Among the porcelain urinals and sinks, across the hall from radio station, KCPR is the sound environment that launched a recording star. Alfred M. Yankovic is arguably the second most famous Cal Poly graduate after John Madden. If you …

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Oct 20

Cuesta Grade claims two tires

Cuesta Grade claims two tires. ©The Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

I have written about my travails while traveling on Cuesta Grade. Since the time of the horse and buggy crossing the Santa Lucia Range has been an adventure. Some incidents are major, others minor, here these California Highway Patrol officers lost two tires to the road. This photo was published Monday August 27, 1979. Here …

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Aug 24

Limited outlook

Even on a calm day this sheep dog would have a hairy problem viewing the world so it's doubtful the animal saw much of this countryside along Highway 46 east of Paso Robles. ©2010 Mark Aronoff/The Tribune Originally published March 9, 1979

Jul 31

Warren Baker retires

Warren Baker warms up his son, 13-year-old B.J. Baker between innings at a San Luis Obispo Babe Ruth baseball game. Published June 26, 1989 Eric Burdick/Telegram-Tribune

It’s a fishbowl job. Everyone knows who you are, where you live and how much you make. Working at a public university, everyone has an educated opinion about your job performance. Even when you are not at work you are in the public eye. This photo turned up while putting together a photo gallery as …

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Apr 07

Chong’s homemade candies

Early day candy-making stove used by Chong may become a planter and be on display at the new Archimedia store in the Chong building. Published Jan. 4, 1979. Photo by Wayne Nicholls ©2010 The Tribune

Richard Chong’s home made candy store has been fondly remembered by regular readers of this column. The brick building at the corner of Palm and Chorro streets was a favorite stop for many. There were several articles in the file. My favorite was this one was published November 28, 1974 written by Telegram-Tribune staff writer …

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Feb 19

Beer shampoo for Nixon

Richard M. Nixon pays the price of joining in a baseball team's championship celebration as California player Bobby Grich pours beer on the former president Tuesday after the Angels won their first ever division title.

September 25, 1979 Ever wonder why politicians never show up in person at sports celebrations? They don’t want a picture like this to hit the wires — like this one from the Associated Press —  so they phone it in. I would have included the caption with the photographer’s name but a copy editor tore …

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Sep 15

Warren J. Baker named Cal Poly President

August 22, 1979 Just over 30 years ago Cal Poly’s new president, Warren J. Baker set the tone for the next three decades in his first press conference. Two days into the job he focused his attention on seeking more money from private sources to support the university in an era of state funding cutbacks. …

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Aug 16

Charles “Tex” Watson Wedding, the Manson murders 40 years later


Blood marked the end of the 1960′s. Some view the fatal stabbing of a concert fan at Altamont as the end to the era of hippie peace and love. Others point to the gruesome series of Los Angeles area murders carried out in August by the followers of Charles Manson. There are pages of links …

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Oct 29

Fright Night


 Raven Schlossberg clutches her hands and screams at a costumed Bruce Smith at Theta Chi haunted house in San Luis Obispo. Her friend, Tawny Claussen, also let out a shriek. Mark Aronoff/Telegram-Tribune October 31, 1979 On Halloween, we are allowed to drop our mask of fearlessness for a day and be afraid, very afraid. People …

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Oct 03

Abalone Alliance Concert


June 30, 1979 It was San Luis Obispo County’s Woodstock only with less mud, sex, drugs or rock and roll but more politics. They estimated 20,000 would attend. Over 30,000 people jammed Highway 1 for a combination music festival and anti-nuclear rally. It was held on the Army airstrip behind Cuesta College almost three months …

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