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Jun 17

Paso Robles land rush 1982

Prospective land buyers lined up for free breakfast in Paso Robles Saturday morning. Hot air balloon marked the sale site. ©Phil Dirkx/The Tribune.

This week the Tribune publishes a five part series on water. The seeds for the issue were being planted in the late 20th Century as Paso Robles expanded to the east side of the Salinas River. The property values seem economical when you look back 30 years but property buyers at the time also had …

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Aug 03

Creators of the Cal Poly Mustang

Roy Harris sculptor and Cal Poly  professor created "Earl" the mustang that is next to the Julian McPhee Univerisity Union. ©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune published

The bronze mustang has been rearing up on his hind legs next to the University Union in War Memorial Plaza for 30 years now. Telegram-Tribune reporter Carol Roberts wrote about the creators April 22, 1982 just before it was unveiled for the 50th Poly Royal: A mustang in bronze When a lifesize bronze statue of …

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Feb 03

Count Basie, jazz statesman

Count Basie waves good night to a standing ovation at Cuesta College. 9-18-1978 ©Thom Halls/Telegram-Tribune

William Basie did not have an easy path to success. His mother and father saved pennies to pay for music lessons. He began as a drummer in the school band and switched to piano in his teens. A good choice. His professional career began before he was 20 as a $3 a night piano player …

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Dec 28

Carlin Soule Memorial Polar Bear Dip a Cayucos New Year’s Day tradition

Baptism  About 55 people — some children, some who appeared in their 50s — won initiation into the Polar Bears Club Friday by dipping into the 55-degree ocean by the Cayucos pier. The second annual event was organized by Carlin  Soule of the Way Station Restaurant in Cayucos. @Telegram-Tribune/Ken Chen

The Tribune did not cover the first Polar Bear Dip in Cayucos. Only a handful of people went in the water at the inception of the event in 1981. By the second splash it was on the assignment list for the Tribune photography staff and has been ever since.  Let this be a warning to …

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Nov 26

Marriage cleared for take-off

Former Swift Aire pilot Fredd Driggs and Martha Estrada are married aboard the Swift Aire plane Driggs flew until the airline folded. ©The Tribune/Tony Hertz

Swift Aire was remembered fondly by many who worked for it. The San Luis Obispo airline went out of business in 1981 after 12 years of service. The cause depended on who you were talking to, various articles cited — airline deregulation, PATCO air controllers strike,  inflation, a new owner with big ambitions and little …

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May 03

Fairly Crowded – 1982 Kenny Rogers concert, Mid-State Fair

One woman sought higher ground during crush of fairgoers on the midway Saturday night between shows by super-attraction Kenny Rogers. © 2010 Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

Over the decades since opening in 1955, Disneyland has fine tuned the art of getting large numbers of people from one place to another.  Under manager Maynard Potter, the early 1980s the Mid-State Fair was working to become the Disneyland of fairs and judging by the front page photo they exceeded expectations. The fair designed …

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Mar 23

Kenny Rogers at the Mid-State Fair


August 7, 1982 Superstar Kenny Rogers, decked out in a dazzling white suit, sang to a capacity crowd at the Mid-State fair Saturday night. Rogers arrived in a helicopter, and was lowered to the stage from the hovering craft to the wild cheers of his fans. The show started on time, much to the delight …

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Mar 05

Charlie Daniels at the Fair


Not many 73-year-olds can steal the spotlight from a cute animated gecko. Charlie Daniels has been on the national stage for a long time. His first self titled album was on Capitol Records in 1970 and according to his website that was over 50 albums or video releases ago.  He was in the first wave …

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Jul 10

Shark Attack – Jaws crunch board, miss surfer

Cayucos pier lifeguard Casimir Pulaski shows 14-inch jaw imprint left by shark that bit his board off Montana de Oro State Park. July 24, 1982 It is one of the most published photos in the history of the Telegram-Tribune. Picked up by the Associated Press, the image landed on doorsteps in newspapers from Europe to …

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Jul 03

Atascadero Lake July 4 Fireworks

Fireworks at Atascadero Lake July 4, 1982. A recent letter to the editor in The Tribune complained about the upcoming Independence Day laser show in Morro Bay. According to the letter writer the only proper way to celebrate the birth of a free democracy is to blow stuff up. Personally I thought that freedom and …

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