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Jul 15

The Elg runs aground off Oceano

Freighter Elg aground in Oceano, 1938. Photo courtesy Karen White via Vivian Krug.

Vivian Krug from the South County Historical Society shares this item about a story outlined previously here in Photos from the Vault. September 1938 — A lumber freighter runs aground and the captain decides to lighten the ship by tossing cargo overboard. Free lumber was a big deal during the Depression and there were fights …

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Feb 22

Union Oil pier collapse, the storm of 1983

The Union Oil pier in Avila Beach collapses into the surf Tuesday afternoon after pounding waves undermined its pilings. 
©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune

Periodically big storms come in and wreak havoc with piers. For example in 1907 the Oilport pier, in what is now known as Shell Beach was demolished by a fierce storm. The pier at Port San Luis is usually the most sheltered in the region but thirty years ago no place was immune. The winter …

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Oct 18

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Ali visits CMC

CMC inmates swarm around the three-time heavyweight champion to shake hands after the program. © The Tribune/Tony Hertz

Few people in the world are instantly recognizable, known by a single name. Top billing from the exclusive group that includes Jordan, Ruth and Magic is one name. Ali. Pop quiz. Who did the 18-year-old high school graduate defeat in the 1960 Olympics light-heavyweight gold medal bout? Does the name Zigzy Pietrzykowski ring any bells? …

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Oct 09

Fear and Loathing with Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson sported his famous cigarette holder and a visor with flashing red and green lights as he entertained a capacity crowd at Chumash Auditorium Saturday night. ©Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

His demons were never far away. When external devils were temporarily vanquished the personal would rise. Fear and loathing. The Edge… There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. The others- the living-are those who pushed their luck …

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Feb 23

Dodgers visit with fans at Cal Poly

National League Rookie of the Year Steve Sax fields a question from a Dodger fan.

January 13, 1983 You can tell I’m a Giant fan. I would have rewritten the caption above to read, “National League Rookie of the Year Steve Sax fields a question from a Dodger fan before throwing it over the first base dugout.” The second baseman always hit the ball well, with a career average of …

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Oct 26

Dibs on the next game, Video Arcades

  Morro Bay High School Student William Krause at the controls of Dragon’s Lair game in the Morro Bay Arcade. Krause is the current champion, and has his name posted on the machine. September 13, 1983 When I was was in the prime demographic for video games they were not very good. Electronic pinball machines …

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Oct 02

Second Annual Morro Bay Harbor Festival

  October 16, 1983 Check my math. If this 1983 Telegram-Tribune story is correct the second annual Morro Bay Harbor Festival was held that year. Let’s get out the calculator…2009 – 1982 = 27. So why do the posters for the Harbor Festival say this is the 28th annual? Were there two festivals in one …

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Oct 20

Mervyn's Grand Opening


July 22, 1983 A new era of shopping came to San Luis Obispo when Mervyn’s opened over 25 years ago. The city had resisted the ample parking/big box/shopping mall trend that had evolved over the late 1960′s and 1970′s. The beginning of the change came when Sears moved out of downtown to what was then …

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