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Jan 22

The Oceano Southern Pacific Depot restoration and Harold Guiton

Harold Guiton stands in front of the Southern Pacific, Oceano Depot, ready to continue with the restoration.
©Doug Parker/The Tribune

Harold Guiton would be happy to see the depot in use today. He and other volunteers saved what is now the only remaining Southern Pacific Depot in the county. Paso Robles modernized and remodeled their depot after a fire so it is little like the original structure. San Luis Obispo bulldozed their wood frame depot. …

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Jan 16

Pinnacles National Park, the newest and smallest NP

This photo is from trip to the west side of Pinnacles in 1984. ©David Middlecamp

Pinnacles National Park is the closest to San Luis Obispo, the newest and the smallest in the park system. President Barack Obama signed legislation Jan 10, 2013 upgrading the national monument to the more prominent national park status. The 59th national park is 26,000 acres of volcanic spires and a home to the endangered California …

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Jul 09

Garbage never sleeps, throwing out the baby bottle, sleeping man dumped in garbage truck

Brian Huber, 2, of San Luis Obispo agreed to give up his bottles if he could personally throw them into the garbage truck. ©Doug Parker/Telegram-Tribune

Garbage never sleeps. The sound of the truck going by in the early morning hours has been known to rouse dozing folks, though the final story shared here is the ultimate garbage wake-up call. In his book “Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash, ” Edward Humes collects a landfill worth of stats, including the …

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Apr 25

Drinking water straight out of the tap

A tall, cold one It's a tall order for little Phil Osburn, but the 3-year-old from San Luis Obispo managed to turn on the faucet to quench his thirst. Phil and his family spent a recent summer's day playing at Laguna Lake Park June 8, 1984. ©Doug Parker/Telegram-Tribune

It just got harder to find commercial bottled water in a National Park. According to an environmental specialist at Grand Canyon disposable bottles make up 20% of the Grand Canyon’s waste stream, and 30% of the recyclables. So to the get rid of the problem, the disposable bottles were banished from the store shelves inside …

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Sep 01

1984 Walter Mondale

May 25, 1984 So I was wrong about Walter Mondale. He did come to San Luis Obispo. Once. Mondale came to town at the request of the anti-Nuclear group Mothers for Peace, the only candidate of three invited to show up. Quoting the story by staff writer Alan Mittelstaedt: The Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant …

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