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Oct 27

Pismo Jubalee by the Sea at Halloween

Yankee Wailer Bill Wood wears his Halloween costume at the ninth first annual Jubilee by the Sea in Pismo Beach. ©The Tribune/Tony Hertz

One of the more enjoyable assignments for a photographer, music fan, is the Pismo Beach Jubilee by the Sea. Bands come from all over the United States as well and music lovers. Sometimes it is hard to capture the feel of the sometimes zany music in a photo, unless the date falls near Halloween.

Mar 13

Air Force space shuttle astronauts introduced at Vandenberg

Astronauts Edward Aldridge, left, John Watterson, Dale Gardner, Richard Mullane, Guy Gardner and Robert Crippen sit inside the new orbiter maintenance facility at the Vandenberg Air Force Base space shuttle complex. ©Doug Parker/Telegram-Tribune

History celebrates success. Failure tends to be followed by obscurity, rumor and fear. One could argue that the biggest monument to construction failure in the region is Space Launch Complex Six (Slick -6) at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The land was added to the base via a court enforced eminent domain purchase of the 15,000 …

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