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Jan 09

Raven J. Railey memorial

David Metz as 'Mr. Paravincini' sneaks up on Jeanne Railey's 'Mollie.'
© Telegram-Tribune/David Middlecamp

The first time I took her picture in 1986 Jeanne Railey was in a high school play playing the role of “Molly” in Mousetrap. Her love of the theater would be a focal point of her life. She would later join the Telegram-Tribune as a writer, preferring Raven J. Railey as her byline. At the …

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Oct 19

Getting clammy in Pismo Beach, a brief history of the Clam Festival

Ural Foresee, a veteran of 40 Clam Festivals, poses with one of Pismo's concrete replicas. Published Nov 6, 1986 photo by Mark Buchman/Telegram-Tribune

Fall is festival season on the Central Coast and this weekend Pismo Beach hosts the 66th annual edition of the Clam Festival. Even though there are few of the bivalves under the sand today the title Clamless Festival does not have the same appeal. Telegram-Tribune reporter Mark Buchman wrote about some of the event’s history …

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Sep 06

Election turn out counts, winning by one vote

Pismo Beach Mayor Nebb Eldwayen savors his single-vote victory over Scovil Hubbard. ©Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

It is easy to get lazy or cynical about elections. All of that political hype and advertising makes me want to pull the plug on the television, telephone and Teletype. Yes, I have a Teletype in every billiard room of my mobile home. All newspaper employees do. Kidding aside, your vote can make a difference. …

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Feb 27

Reflections on Southern Pacific Engine 4449, star of the Pacific Daylight route

An aging Beauty stops to visit. Southern Pacific's 45-year-old Engine 4449 gathers steam early Sunday morning at San Luis Obispo's train depot. The 432-ton steam engine spent the night thee before pulling out at 7:15 a.m. en route to Walt Disney studios in Southern California. About 200 people showed up to see the locomotive off. 'It was just gorgeous,' a dispatcher said of 4449. See story 5/A

This photo is a thing of wonder and beauty on two levels. To start, anytime an old steam engine rides out of history into the present traffic stops. Railfans come from all over with their cameras to record the event. Southern Pacific 4449 was built in 1941 and is the last operable streamlined Art Deco …

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May 16

The dawn of computer graphics

Surrounded by the tools of her trade, Los Osos computer artist Phyllis Paradies unveils examples of her work. Some have appeared in national magazines. ©Tony Hertz/The Tribune From the June 6, 1986 edition of the then Telegram-Tribune. The revolution happened in our lifetimes. Not that long ago, but in computer years 1986 was the stone …

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Feb 06

Isobutane tanker cars derail, Grover Beach evacuated

Southern Pacific tanker derailment forces evacuation in what is now Grover Beach. August 11, 1986 edition of the then Telegram-Tribune.

If things went wrong, we were dead, along with everyone in sight around us. Isobutane is unforgiving. A liquid under pressure, it becomes a gas when the pressure is released, making it a fuel for camp stoves or cigarette lighters. At the scene of an isobutane train derailment in what was then Grover City on …

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Jan 18

Shanks for the memories


November 29, 1986 Most golfers ruthlessly extinguish emotional displays on the course. Players who wear their hearts on their sleeves often have to battle their inner dialog as well as the external challenges of the course. The stoic tradition makes golf one of the most difficult sports to come up with an original picture. Eric …

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Jun 13

Tony Hertz

    Tony Hertz has been mentioned in this blog before. He was a staff photographer for the Tribune from 1977 – 1988 and is a freelance photographer and Cuesta College faculty member.   His work, “Centered,” photographs of the Central Coast, will be on display from May 30 to July 6, 2008 at the …

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