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May 31

Building Niblick Bridge in Paso Robles

Municipal Services Director Jay Lyon checks progress on the Niblick bridge. His tenure began with the 13th Street Bridge.

When Jay Lyon retired as Paso Robles municipal services director it was a chance to review accomplishments and predict the future. Phil Dirkx wrote a story and sidebar that ran February 26, 1987 and here are a few of the highlights. Jay Lyon, Paso Robles municipal services director will finish his city career the same …

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Nov 16

‘Full Metal Jacket’ author Gustav Hasford and his book collection

Author Gustav Hasford proudly shows off his book collection. When he toted up overdue fines of $3,000 he was reported to police by local librarians.

If you love old bookstores you know the smell. The scent of bookbinder’s glue, old pages and stories, lots of stories. The aroma permeated the storage locker as I took photos of author Gustav Hasford. San Luis Obispo storage locker would later yield more than one story. It began innocently enough. Hasford had written the …

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Oct 05

Price Anniversary House, before it was restored

The wood covering for the three-gabled house was destroyed by fire a few years after this story and now little is left of the adobe walls. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune

In the historical preservation process there are happy endings and sad ones. The Price Anniversary house looks a whole lot better than it did in 1987. The story headline was optimistic. It has taken years and a series of efforts by many volunteers but now the once dilapidated house is the centerpiece of a park. …

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Aug 29

Lifeguard competition, Avila Beach


Sharp, well lit, clean background, good expression, peak action, correctly exposed this photo has what it takes to win contests. Of course back then it was manual exposure and focus. The Daryl did a great job making the background neutral and picking the decisive moment. Now cameras are so automated that technically good images are …

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Jan 13

Hearst Castle zebras

Zebras graze along Highway 1 with Hearst Castle in background. First published November 23, 1987. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune

Sometimes you can pre-visualize a photograph and then happens. I wanted to get a photo of Hearst Ranch zebras lined up with the castle in the background. I’m sure it happens a lot, but to be honest it does not happen that often for me. In 25 years of shooting photos on the Central Coast …

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Dec 09

Helicopter Santa rides again

Kim Baker, 5, and Jeff, 7, join Santa in his sleigh/helicopter at the Grover City Holiday Parade. Published Dec. 6, 1987 ©The Tribune

I’ve heard of helicopter parents, but helicopter Santa? I prefer the horse or reindeer powered commuter in red myself. Our web team has assembled a gallery of photos from holidays past.

May 13

Pope John Paul II leads mass at Laguna Seca, California

September 17, 1987 Pope Benedict XVI is currently touring Israel. His predecessor Pope John Paul II set a record for pastoral travel. According to Wikipedia he made 104 trips outside Italy in his less than 27 years as pontiff. He was born Karol Józef Wojtyła in Poland on May of 1920. He was the first …

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May 10

The Class of 2000, Sue Babcock Retires

September 12, 1987 It began in Room 1 of Sinsheimer Elementary School over 20 years ago. City editor Mike Stover came up with the idea. Mike had the crazed or inspired idea to follow the same group of kids from kindergarten to graduation in the year 2000. We were a little mad when USA Today …

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Apr 26

Dennis Duane Webb sentenced to death


Devout Christians and young parents, John Rainwater, 25, and wife Lori, 22, were managing a 14-unit lodge in Atascadero when a parolee from the Utah prison system broke into their home.He had been at the door of the Rainwater apartment a few days before pretending to be interested in a rental. Now it was late …

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Mar 29

Arco Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant

 September 10, 1987 San Luis Obispo County used to be home of the world’s largest solar-cell power station. Built by an oil company in 1983, the view of the Arco solar power plant was an eerie combination of age-old scenes of sheep grazing and science fiction technology. Every few minutes the silence of the Carrizo …

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