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Jan 08

When Huell Howser visited Cuesta Grade

Huell Howser host of  public television's "California's Gold" and Bill Loper of the San Luis Obispo Historical Society on Cuesta Grade in 1994.

Huell Howser had what many would consider a dream job, travel, access to interesting places. He was producer and host of a series of shows that highlighted the nature and history of California. He made the most of his opportunities throughout the state with a sense glee that put his subjects at ease and made …

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Sep 02

Sandal Makara, the Baykeeper

Sandal Makara in Los Osos in 1994. © Photo by Jeff Fairbanks/Telegram-Tribune.

Walking by the Joan Rainey Day mural in Baywood brought back memories of Sandal Makara, known as the Baykeeper. Much like the dunites who lived in the Oceano Dunes 1930s Sandal lived outside the expectations of society. His home was an angular, self made boat. He scrounged to make a living, making sandals, candle holders, …

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Jun 30

Put down the Sega and let’s play POGs

Nathan Fuller, 6, shows off some of his favorite POGs in 1994. © David Middlecamp The Tribune 2010.

How do you explain it? Dutch tulips, beanie babies, pet rocks, mood rings, yo-yos, internet stocks. Stop me if any of these fads sound familiar. You have a good memory if you recall tulip mania of the 1600s. According to the website BadFads, POGs began in the flapper era on the island of Maui. The …

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