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Apr 21

Elwyn Righetti flight instructor

Photo provided by the Army Air Force published in the Telegram-Tribune of Elwyn Righetti March 27, 1943.

MAJOR ELWIN G. RIGHETTI, 27, commanding officer of the 46th squadron of single-engine advanced trainers, outlines a formation to Captain W.J. O’Donnell, at the new Central Instructor’s School at Randolph Field, Texas. Major Righetti, who received his commission as major last November after three years in the U.S. Army Air Forces, is in charge of …

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Mar 13

Air Force space shuttle astronauts introduced at Vandenberg

Astronauts Edward Aldridge, left, John Watterson, Dale Gardner, Richard Mullane, Guy Gardner and Robert Crippen sit inside the new orbiter maintenance facility at the Vandenberg Air Force Base space shuttle complex. ©Doug Parker/Telegram-Tribune

History celebrates success. Failure tends to be followed by obscurity, rumor and fear. One could argue that the biggest monument to construction failure in the region is Space Launch Complex Six (Slick -6) at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The land was added to the base via a court enforced eminent domain purchase of the 15,000 …

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Nov 23

John D. Hurst, WWII fighter pilot

Swift Aire chief pilot John D. Hurst shot down 9 German aircraft as a WWII P-38 fighter pilot. Published 9-17-1969 ©The Tribune

The chief pilot for Swift Aire, John D. Hurst, was a World War II fighter ace. He flew the twin engined P-38 Lightning in Europe. The aircraft had a good record in the tropical Pacific but in the colder European theater it proved less than ideal. Though the fighter aircraft had excellent range and powerful …

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Apr 13

1968 Cambria Air Station

January 13, 1968 The military absorbed the lessons of Pearl Harbor and in the midst of Cold War with the Soviet Union the United States Air Force manned a series of radar tracking stations to warn of an “enemy air invasion”. Just south of town the Cambria Air Force Station had been monitoring the airspace …

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