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Jun 29

Race tensions and bar riot San Luis Obispo, World War II week by week

Race tensions may have led to a fight downtown in San Luis Obispo as reported in this June 25, 1943 Telegram-Tribune.

A San Luis Obispo bar, Dante’s, was the scene of a fight that spilled out into the street that involved up to 200 African-American soldiers. Eventually Sheriff Murray Hathway resorted to tear gas and extra military police were called out from Camp San Luis Obispo. Bar owner Dante Chiesa refused service to men he said …

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Apr 04

Every Ounce a Man’s Whiskey

March 13, 1952 advertisement for Early Times whiskey, every ounce a Man's whisky.

Spinning through microfilm from 1952 the photographer holding a Speed Graphic camera caught my eye. This was the workhorse camera for press photographers almost from the time it was invented in 1912. According to Wikipedia the camera helped photographers win the Pulitzer Prize from 1942-54 and even won in the category as late as 1961. …

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Nov 25

Liquor regulations and prostitution, World War II week by week

Nov. 19, 1942 headlines in the Telegram-Tribune included allied advances in North Africa and a food poisioning at a mental health facility in Oregon. Tainted frozen egg yolks appeared to be the cause.

A recent unsolved murder and the arrival of thousands of troops to burgeoning camps the area forced the region to enact new restrictions on alcohol sales. The region was taking on a boom-town personality and it appears that prostitution was becoming a major issue; three of the five regulations addressed the topic. The story was …

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Oct 03

Clear your head with whiskey

Whiskey with a smile ad from July 3, 1935.

So apparently it is the brand of whiskey that gives you the hangover. I thought the point of whiskey was to get a warm fuzzy feeling, not have a clear head. That’s what Calvert seems to be claiming in this July 3, 1935 ad. Oh, four sentences deep into the copy they say moderation may …

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