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Feb 13

Remembering Kaz Ikeda

Kaz Ikeda is the Farm Bureau's Agriculturist of the Year award recipient. He was photographed in his front yard which overlooks much of the land his family has farmed for about 70 years.
©The Tribune/Robert Dyer

South county lost a patriarch of agriculture and community service on Feb. 11, 2013. Bill Morem is writing a story to be published in the Tribune tomorrow and soon on Sanluisobipso.com. Leslie E. Stevens wrote this biography published in the Tribune July 28, 2000. Rooted in community Arroyo Grande farmer recognized for lifetime of volunteerism …

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Sep 28

Arroyo Grande cowboys come to town, Leonard Collection

From a series of large format negatives. Images made in the early 1900s mostly in the South County.

This is the last of a collection of images from the South County, and in some ways the most intriguing. Hanging about the wagon are three men who appear to have come in to town from the farm. Two mustachioed men perhaps father and son sit on the wagon. One is dressed in work clothes …

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Mar 01

Mrs. B in her parlor 1908, the Leonard Collection

Who is Mrs. B from 1908?

She sits in a rocking chair, paper in her hand dressed in a high collared white shirt and a long floor length skirt. A woman has clearly decorated the room, fresh flowers on the table and piano, cloth under the vases. This is the only negative in the Leonard collection with a written date. Written …

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Feb 22

The 1914 flood in Arroyo Grande, the Leonard Collection

Late January 1914 brought flooding in Arroyo Grande undermining Bridge Street's bridge.

The epic flooding of 1914 has been covered in two previous posts. One shows flooding as Tally Ho Creek cuts through Branch Street in Arroyo Grande. The other shows the structure that gives Bridge Street a name, undermined by flooding. This looks to be the same bridge from the opposite point of view and view …

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Feb 10

Dunnigan’s Grammar School Baseball Nine, Leonard collection

Dunnigan's baseball nine, who are they? Children's baseball team from the early 1900s. If you know please post a comment.

It is likely that these children smiling at us from a century ago are no longer with us. The image comes from a collection of large format negatives in the Tribune library. They were  enclosed in a 1950s era Telegram-Tribune window envelope, labeled “Mrs. Leonard.” The images however are decades older. How old? Two of …

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Jan 12

The mystery of La Maria, the girl of Lopez Canyon

DECORATIVE PIECE FROM CASKET Earl Wood from wood funeral Home holds religious emblem found in grave.

Below the placid surface of Lopez Lake, a mystery from long ago. Had she survived she would have been an over 70-year-old woman when the dam was under construction. As the dam took shape the discovery of a grave upstream forced the county to act. From the then Telegram-Tribune, January 10, 1968: ‘La Maria’ leaves …

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Jan 19

Vigilante Justice in Arroyo Grande

The Pacific Coast Railway crosses the Arroyo Grande creek on a bridge.  Flooding quickly made it necessary to replace with a much sturdier bridge.  Photo courtesy South County Historical Society

At first no one believed the school children, after all it was April Fools Day, 1886. As dawn broke in Arroyo Grande a man and his teen age son were dead, dangling from ropes below the narrow gauge railroad bridge. The children had seen the result of the only lynching documented in Arroyo Grande. The …

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Jan 08

Arroyo Grande Centennial Celebration

The sleepy little town of Arroyo Grande woke up when the narrow gauge, Pacific Coast Railway, arrived in the town in October of 1881.  Arroyo Grande lived by the timetable of the little train.  It was now possible to go to San Luis Obispo in comfort and much faster than a horse.  The one passenger car had red velvet covered seats and ornate wrought iron adornments.  (Photo Courtesy South County Historical Society)

Arroyo Grande will join her centenarian sisters San Luis Obispo and El Paso de Robles this year when she turns 100 this summer. I can refer to them as sisters, can’t I? Hey, the Supreme Court says corporations are persons. Now I’m not saying San Luis Obispo is old, but she will celebrate 200 before …

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Nov 19

Georgie and Bill O’Connor

Georgie and Bill O'Connor were named Grand Marshals of the 1983 Harvest Festival. They were the youngest Grand Marshals ever at the time. © Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune 9-29-1983

Bill and Georgie O’Connor have been part of the South County Community for as long as most anyone can remember. Bill was Arroyo Grande’s Citizen of the Year in 1987. Both were named the youngest Grand Marshals of the Harvest Festival in 1983. Georgie just retired at age 88, from the Lucia Mar school board …

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Aug 12

Montgomery Queen, King of the Showmen!

Circus ad San Luis Obispo Tribune July 29, 1876

In August of our nation’s centennial year there was big time entertainment coming to town. Montgomery Queen, the self proclaimed “King of Showmen!”  came to the county giving two performances daily during four consecutive dates. The locations were from Arroyo Grande to Paso de Robles. They must have been yeoman movers to make the move …

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