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Mar 03

Victory in Guadalcanal, World War II week by week

Victory at Guadalcanal was the headline in the Feb. 9, Telegram-Tribune.

In my effort to get back on track after our microfilm machine was repaired a major milestone was overlooked, the Feb. 9, 1943 edition of the Telegram-Tribune the new in a banner headline. America had taken Guadalcanal, their first land victory in the Pacific Theater. The Japanese Army had evacuated and only a few stragglers …

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Dec 26

Horse drawn buggy by Studebaker

Studebaker horse and buggy ad from January 29, 1909 San Luis Obispo Telegram.

I asked Santa for a stylish classic Studebaker for Christmas. This is what I got. The company began in 1852 when brothers Henry and Clement Studebaker opened a blacksmith shop in South Bend Indiana. Later two younger brothers would join and they would build the business into the largest wagon and buggy maker in the …

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Dec 07

The end of horse and buggy days, the stage from San Luis to San Simeon

Pettenger's hamburger stand at the corner of Osos and Marsh Streets owned by A.M. (Bert) Pettenger. Later called Dad's.

Technology changes and the job you thought you had is gone. I hear that one all the time. How about a job that only lasts one year? Elliot Curry told the story in the Telegram-Tribune March 22, 1968: Auto killed San Simeon run Pettenger’s short-lived stage line Two young fellows from Iowa stopped at the …

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Nov 10

When was the first fatal car accident in San Luis Obispo?

This fatal automobile accident was treated as major news in the October 14, 1912 Daily Telegram with the lead headline.

First, last, most, least, winners, losers, newspapers often write stories about definitives. Timothy Spies was doing genealogical research when he came across a story from October 15, 1912 San Francisco Call claiming to document the first fatal automobile accident in San Luis Obispo. He kindly shared the link with us. The Call front-page story does …

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Jul 13

De Soto or DeSoto? Automobile advertising from 1957

De Soto advertisement from 1957.

It is a bad sign when a car company can’t agree on how to spell its own name in an advertisement. Is there a space in between De Soto or not? This ad from March 12, 1957 has it both ways. The company was founded as a mid-price brand by Walter Chrysler with the first …

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Apr 13

Death takes no holiday, wrecks on the highway

Highway safety public service advertisment, "Death takes no Holiday", Telegram-Tribune December 31, 1963.

The old classic cars are wonderful to look at but you wouldn’t want to crash one. A popular myth is that solid iron will protect you in a wreck. The solid construction transmits much of the crash energy to the occupants. Without crumple zones, seats with headrests, seatbelts, airbags, anti-lock brakes and a host of …

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Oct 21

Danger at Exposition Park Race Track

Click here to view the embedded video. The specter of death has hovered over auto racing from its earliest days. Though many of the advancements in automotive engineering can be traced to lessons learned in the crucible of competition, the knowledge has had a price in human lives. From hydraulic brakes to crumple zones many …

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Oct 10

Speed hungry auto fiends on Cuesta Grade

OLD CUESTA ROAD–A photo from the California Division of Highways — now Caltrans — which once reported 71 hazardous curves on the highway north of San Luis Obispo. The auto road was built in 1915 and improved in 1923, the photo is from about 1922. Small government advocates would love to turn the clock back …

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Jul 30

Transportation growing pains, World War II week by week

July 30, 1941 Telegram-Tribune Most of us take the four lane 101 Highway for granted today but as World War II was approaching California had a narrow two lane system. Military bases were expanding and road traffic was increasing leading local politicians to ask the state highway commission for a better road. The top headline …

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Jan 22

New Triumph TR3 — $2,859

March 14, 1958 advertisement in the Telegram-Tribune.

Sometimes you wonder if the ad copy writer saw the picture before sitting in front of the typewriter. Sleek? Comfortable? Long-distance touring? Performance? Soar forward? I have owned a little convertible. It was exhilarating for short trips. However after taking it on a road trip to Portland, Oregon and back it was not the car …

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